Crooked Line 21st Birthday Suit (Uinta Brewing Company)

Style: Wild Farmhouse Ale

6.3% ABV

From: Salt Lake City, UT

Brewer’s Note: “In celebration of their 21st Anniversary, Uinta Brewing Company introduces 21st Birthday Suit, a Sour Farmhouse Ale./ This is the third release of Uinta’s Birthday Suit, a brand developed to rotate in style and to be released annually in commemoration of another year brewing. While the Birthday Suit brand was not developed to be a ‘sour brand’, the tradition, thus far, has carried on. This year’s rendition of Birthday Suit is an unfiltered sour farmhouse ale that showcases a mix of underlying spice, zest and moderate tartness. Crisp and refreshing, Birthday Suit lets it all hang out with a citrusy sourness that is worth celebrating. Puckering and bright with an ABV of 6.3%, limited release 21st Birthday Suit is scheduled to hit shelves in late March./Keeping with Uinta’s Crooked Line tradition of supporting local art talent, Birthday Suit’s label art was produced by Travis Bone, a local show print artist (Furturtle Show Prints). Travis is also the creative force behind the art adorning Uinta’s Cockeyed Cooper bottle as well as the label art from Uinta’s 19th and 20th Birthday Suit releases.”

imageThe beer pours like tepid, murky pond skuzz, and settles into the glass as a pukeish yellow with orange tinges and very little head. It smells of lactic acid, chalk, light lemons, and a strange muskiness. On the tongue, it follows a similar path, with a powerful early pucker that falls into a brackish funk with off-tinges. It’s not terrible to drink, and provides bursts of pineapple, pear, persimmon, orange juice, lemon juice, and chalky wheat, along with grainier hints, but overall it is a little too lactic, with a ghost of something off haunting the sides of the tongue. It feels thin, yet slightly phlegmy, with a fierce carbonation that fizzles and scrubs across the tongue. All in all, it’s an odd bird. The bottles are almost a half year old now, and I think things are starting to turn within the beer. As is, it’s drinkable, and has some complexity, but briefly feels fetid on the tongue, and haunts the palate with lingering oddness. Too much acidity and not enough funk is my initial complaint, but there is a lot of weirdness going on in this beer. It has citric acidity and an odd savory note that doesn’t quite blend. Meh.


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