Harborside Gose (Night Shift Brewing Company)

Style: Gose brewed with Oysters

5.1% ABV

From: Everett, MA

Brewery’s Note: “Teaming up with Duxbury’s renowned Island Creek Oysters, we brewed Harborside, a tart, salty oyster gose. During the beer’s brew, we add hundreds of fresh oysters to the boiling wort, opening the shells and exposing all their briny goodness. With notes of lemony citrus, coriander spice, and sweet, savory oysters, this maritime ale is our celebration of harborside life.”

The beer pours a pale yellow, like a deeply dehydrated man’s piss, though there is a chalky dusting to the color as well. A small head of fuzzy, eggshell-white bubbles above the beer and then fades to a scrim. In body, the beer is translucent, but with a definite haze and cloudy tinge. On the nose, the beer smells of tart, candied lemons with a touch of lemon pledge, coriander and generic spice scents, which blend together into something akin to sweet mustard with a touch of potpourri. A briny lemon character definitely sits below the other scents, as well, suggesting shell fish. On the tongue, the beer tastes tart with a middling fruity sweet character, an earthy spiciness, and a definite briny salty character. The finish is salty tart, with just a ghost of hop bitters adding an astringency. In flavor, the beer (as my sister pointed out) tastes a little bit like a tart A1 steak sauce. There is definite lemony character, close to lemon pledge but not in an offensive way, but with the brininess and the earthy spiciness. It’s a weird sipping beer that is dying to be paired with seafood. On the tongue, the beer is light in body, with a tingly effervescent carbonation that shows a little fierceness to the tongue. When the beer leaves, the mouth is left wet with acid-canceling spittle, and the tongue is a bit tingly with spice. Overall, this is an odd little beer that is strangely tasty. Honestly, that is one of Night Shift’s specialties, and this beer is very “Shifty.” I love the briny character, but with that mustard/A1 flavor I just can’t decide if I like it or not. This beer needs to be paired with seafood to be fully appreciated, as I think a food would be the perfect thing to complete the odd mustard/A1 flavor. This beer isn’t half bad to sip on its own, however. It’s another nice yet odd beer from Night Shift.



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