Smuttlabs Shortweisse (Smuttynose Brewing Company)

Style: Berliner Weisse

3.5% ABV

From: Hampton, NH

Brewery’s Note: [Could not find any]

The beer pours like chalky piss, and sits in the glass a pale yellow with green highlights. A soda pop head of eggshell-white bubbles briefly fizzes into existence and then out of existence. When beer splashes against the glass, a brief set of lacing is seen clawing at the sides of the glass as it swiftly slips away. In body the beer is a proper cloudy murk, with no signs of the other side of the glass, despite the beer’s light color. On the nose, the beer smells like fruity yogurt and wheat bread. I swear I’m still detecting heavy doses of strawberry jam in the yogurt, which is weird since this beer clearly does not have strawberry in it. The beer offers a hugely fruity nose for a straight Berliner, which I find intriguing. In comparison to their Strawberry Short Weisse, this beer’s nose demonstrates heavier wheat bread notes, which blend beautifully with the fruity yogurt, give the beer a more rounded nose. On the tongue, the beer tastes tartly acidic, with a bready sweet middle, and then a tart finish that unwinds into more bready sweetness. In flavor, the beer is still surprisingly fruit forward. It begins with strawberry jam blending into watered down strawberry yogurt that then has a big hunk of fresh wheat bread dipped into it. Tart lemon dances to the sides of the taste, and the finish blends tart yogurt and sweet wheat bread in a crisp tango. In the mouth, the beer feels light in body, with a stronger carbonation that gives the feel a fiercer effervescence. The beer feels thin and crisp with a lovely snap to the finish that blends the tart pucker and the higher carbonation. When the beer leaves, the finish lasts for a significant amount of time, leaving the mouth slightly damp with acid-cancelling spittle, yet rather neutral. Overall, this is a clean, flavorful yet simple Berliner weisse, and I could knock this back very easily. It would be perfect on a warm summer’s day, but is honestly not half bad with the cool weather we’ve been having. I’m excited to try more in the Short Weisse series. Next up is smoked peaches! Try this beer if you can.


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