Field Mouse’s Farewell (Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project)

Beer Style: Saison/Farmhouse Ale

7.0% ABV

38 IBU’s

Hops: Strisselspalt, Bramling Cross
Malt Variety: Pils, Rye, Oats, Wheat, Sorghum, Spelt, Buckwheat

From: Somerville, MA/Gypsy Brewed
Brewery’s Note: “Fieldmouse’s Farewell is our Harvest-time seasonal beer. A saison that is slightly sweeter, slightly more full-bodied and golden than Jack D’Or, and therefore might be slightly more approachable, depending on your taste for hops (fewer bittering hops in this beer). The hops are wonderful, old-world French hops from Alsace. We happened upon them, along with their representatives, at the Craft Brewers’ Conference and we were immediately smitten.

2013′s “vintage” of this beer has even more grains than usual, with the usual high proportion of rye malt giving spiciness. We fermented with all one saison yeast and it’s a very saisony tasting beer this year. We are very happy./ Early Fall: the fruit and grains are ripe and nature’s work is almost done. It’s time to think of moving on… which is exactly what this little mouse is planning on doing, so find him while you can. You might notice that Field mouse has moved from Springtime to Harvest-time, because it seems like our mouse would be more likely to up-sticks at this time of year, with the fields becoming empty. Perhaps he is following the sun… Cheers to you all, hope summer was great and busy and that Fall will be peaceful and fruitful”

The beer pours the color of copper with a pink tint. A small head of eggshell-white bubbles forms above the beer, with bubbles so small the head appears as a continuous white color. When splashed along the sides of the glass, the beer leaves a thin sheet of lacing tendrils. In body, the beer is properly murky and opaque, though the edges give whispers of what lies beyond the glass. On the nose, the beer smells of wet and spicy grains. Subtle lemon grass citrus glides into an herbal grassiness beneath the rustic grains. On the tongue, the beer tastes grassy bitter. The middle of the sip takes on a creamy sweetness from the yeast alongside grassy hops, spicy grains, and then the finish is a smooth and bready sweetness with just a hiccup of herbal bitters on the finish. Subtle acidity pops towards the middle and finish of the beer, and a touch of earthy minerality. In flavor, the beer begins as grass and slight bubblegum/banana cream from isoamyl acetate, but that is kept in check by the middle of the sip with spicy rye, raw wheat, pale malt, and a nice wash of herbal hops. The finish has a brief touch of pepper flesh, rye spice, and earthy salinity which carries into the aftertaste. In the mouth, the beer feels on the lighter side of medium with a sharp carbonation that nicely scrubs the tongue while not stinging. Mouthfeel is crisp, yet with a creaminess that keeps it smooth over the tongue. Overall, this is a nice rustic and malty saison. I love the malt character, and the wonderful use of rye, but I also appreciate the restrained hop character. Pretty Things is doing the farmhouse game right between this and Jack D’Or. This is a lovely harvest sipper.



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