Double Battle Axe (Kelsen Brewing Company)

Style: Double India Pale Ale

9.0% ABV

80 IBU’s

OG: 1.078

4.6 SRM

From: Derry, NH

Brewery’s Note: “This beer uses a “damn the cost” approach to recipe design. We use 6 lbs of hops per BBL with a majority of those hops being used in late whirlpool additions and dry hopping. Following our steadfast commitment to drinkability in our beers, the abundance of hops produces a significant citrusy aroma and creates a unique “hop nectar” flavor that will surely satisfy the Imperial IPA aficionado. This beer also has a very light, dry malt profile that allows the intense hop flavors to explode from the glass.”

The beer pours a dark copper/amber color with a lovely, sudsy head of off-white bubbles and great retention. In body, the beer is clear and clean, but does seem to have a haze to it. On the nose, this DIPA is firmly in the tropical fruit sector. Nuances of mango, juicy fruit, cantaloupe, and melon blend with prickly pine to make a succulent and sticky smelling beer. As I continue to smell, I start to pick out caramel bread crust notes, as well. On the tongue, the beer tastes initially bready sweet, but with a long, shivering bitter finish that dries out the tongue. Acidity lightly pops towards the middle of the sip, providing subtle complexity. In flavor, the beer begins as caramel bread with chunks of mango dried within it. The mango quickly grows into juicy, honeydew melon flavors that unfurl into prickly pine resin. The pine flavor quickly coats the tongue and sends bitter shivers up and down the palate. The aftertaste is of pine and medicinal bitters with a faint ghost of caramel.  In the mouth, the beer feels medium + bodied with a middling carbonation and a creamy, fluffed mouthfeel that feels luxurious on the tongue. The beer is decidedly less attenuated than some examples of the style, which gives it some definite weight, yet it still displays a drier finish. When the beer leaves, the tongue, is left sticky with resin, while faint trickles of spittle build in the cheeks. Overall, this is a lovely DIPA with some great hop character and a superb balance of malt and hops. It’s a little sweet for my taste in DIPA’s, but the dryness at the end does much to counter-act the initial sweetness, which I am definitely a fan of. This beer is a lovely example of the things to come from Kelsen, who have really been impressing me lately. Yay good beer from New Hampshire nanos! Keep up the good beer!


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