A Question of Glassware

Which glass fits best? I am constantly asking myself this question, and I am constantly finding new answers. Admittedly, I have a problem with glassware. I’m a hoarder. I love new glassware, and I have far too much of it. As such, it’s always difficult to choose which glass to choose.


To remedy this, I decided to pour my most recent beer (Boulevard’s Imperial Stout 2013). I poured some into a snifter, some into a teku, and some into the Boulevard tulip glass that I owned.


When I had them all lined up, I quickly discovered that the Boulevard glass was reall the worst at displaying the rich scent of the beer. Where the snifter and teku glasses both have a deep bulb to collect the scent for the nose, Boulevard’s glass has a gentle tulip that really just pushes the scent forward, and unfortunately does not give the best smell for the beer. Sitting in the glass, however, I found the Boulevard glass to form the fullest head above the beer, and I found that the glass allowed for the longest retention of said head. The teku glass was close behind in head formation and retention, but the snifter only formed a small head, and quickly returned that head to just a fat scrim. Lacing was equal on all three glasses, and overall appeareance was really only different in the snifter. In taste, the bulbs provided by the snifter and the teku allowed for a fuller sense of taste, while the nearly-straight walls of the Boulevard glass took a little away from the sip.


The teku, overall, seemed to have the best taste to me, but I assume that is wholly subjective and based upon the moment. Mouthfeel seemed the same between the teku and the snifter, but oddly thinned out with the Boulevard glass. I suspect this thinning comes from the lack of a a bulb in the glass, which helped to roll the beer slightly and shoot it more towards the back of my palate.


In the end,  I think that the teku glass and the snifter were both quite similar in their drinking experience and slightly better than the Boulevard tulip. The Boulevard glass just did not provide a proper aroma and that threw off both aroma and taste. In the end, I think I would pick the teku, purely out of my in the moment choice as to which glass allows for the fullest experience with the beer. Further experimentation will have to be done, however, and luckily, I feel like I am up to the task. Cheers and beers!



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