Brünhilda (Idle Hands Brewing Company)

Style: Munich-Style Dunkel

5.7% ABV

From: Everett, MA

Brewer’s Note: “We’re thrilled to announce the release of Brunhilda, a Munich Dunkel and our first German lager! Brunhilda is filled with rich malty character (think bread crust and toast) with highlights of unsweetened chocolate AND a touch of cola nut”


I’m doing something a little different with this review, and I hope to incorporate more and more of these on this blog. Instead of sitting down and tirelessly writing out notes and such, I decided to just drink this beer with friends, think about, and return to it the next day to let you folks know what I remember.  I’ve been meaning to do another Idle Hands beer on here for quite some time. They are nice little local brewery out of Everett, MA that is specializing in Belgian-style ales, but is just now moving out into German lagers and wheat beers, which I’m rather excited about. Idle Hands is making some fantastically fresh and delicious beer and I was excited to come home with a mini-growler of their first lager.


On first sip, Brünhilda was just a dark lager to my tongue, but she quickly let it be known that she was a subtle girl with quite a few German tricks up her skirt… (I’m sorry, I can’t resist the “beer-is-a-girl” thing with this review). The first glass went down smoothly, giving hints of cola to the mouth, but on the second glass I started noting smooth roasted and toasted malt character, like the crust of artisan bread. On the third glass the cola had turned to subtle grape soda and was commingling with the bread crust and slight chocolate flavors.


In the end, Brünhilda evolves as you drink her, making her perfect for a night drinking. Your first sip will be different from your last as she warms up and releases phenomenally subtle flavors onto your palate. This beer is not going to knock your socks off, but it will cuddle up to you all night and make you feel quite special by night’s end. A work of subtle beauty has been made by Idle Hands, and I can’t wait to get more. The brewery says that they plan to brew lagers during the cooler months, making use of the cooler ambient temperatures in their warehouse, and that they will be making Bavarian wheat beers in the warmer months. I am very excited about this prospect. Prost to Idle Hands and the lovely Brünhilda!

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