Swanny Boy (The Tap)

Swanny Boy (The Tap Brewing Company)

Style: Maple Porter

5.20% ABV

From: Haverhill, MA

Brewer’s Note: “This viscous, semi-sweet brew is named after our friend Jason. We add local maple syrup from Ben’s Sugar Shack in Temple, NH. after fermentation to warm you up during the colder months. ”


The beer’s label is simple and elegant. I love the silhouettes of the maple leaves, and I love the simplicity of the font and how crisply it stands out from the rest of the label. Clutter is kept to nearly non-existent, which I very much appreciate on this label. In the end, this label is worthy of the shelf for its simplicity.


The beer pours a dark brown, near black. It form a half finger’s width head of very lightly tan, creamy bubbles with a lack luster retention. In body, the beer is dark ruby in the light, but clean and clear of particles. It is nearly opaque, but does allow light to travel through its body. On the nose, the beer smells of sweet roasted malts, nuts, coffee, and a touch of maple syrup and honey. Coffee with cream and maple syrup for sugar comes to mind. Slight herbal and grassy hops ghost at the edges of the scent. On the tongue, the beer tastes syrupy sweet with a soft breadiness and a nice balancing bitter roast. This is a sweet beer, but it is nowhere near cloying, and is actually quite perfectly balanced towards the sweet-side. Acidity is light to non-existent, and hop bitters don’t seem to be present, which leaves the beer a bit one-dimensional, but still interesting and tasty. In flavor, the beer begins as sweet syrup, but then melds into medium roasted malts with a touch of light roast coffee. The flavor then plunges again into richer maple syrup flavors with just a touch of woodsiness and cream on the finish. The finish is a little quick for what I want, but does seem to last on the tongue nicely. Aftertastes are light but seem to be of sweet roast. In the mouth, the beer feels medium in body, with a slightly watery mouthfeel that allows for superb drinkability, but leaves me desiring a little more oomf and tug from this style of beer. The mouth is left clean but wet with spittle. Overall, this is a nice sweet porter with some nicely balanced maple syrup flavors. The beer is a bit one-noted and lacks depth, but is tasty and complete in what it is. This is a maple syrup porter, plain and simple.



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