Alvinne Undressed (Picobrouwerij Alvinne)

Style: Oud Bruin

6.9% ABV

0 IBU’s

Ingredients: 5 Different Malts, Crystal Sugar, 1 Gram of Hops, Morpheus Yeast

From: Zwevegem, Belgium


Brewer’s Note on Yeast: “Almost unhoped brown ale, the base for Morpheus Wild and Kerasus, undressed. For the fans of the true ‘oud bruin’ style.

Brewery Alvinne selected and cultivated their own houseyeast for the mixed fermentation (sour) beers: de Morpheusgist. If wanted, “standard not sour” beers can be brewed also with this yeast. Marc De Keukeleire (“the yeast whisperer”) isolated this yeast straight from mother Nature (in the Auvergne – France) and cultivated this with patience and skills and obtained the yeast culture we are using now. He named it Morpheus yeast. It’s a blend of two high fermentation yeasts (saccharomyces cerevisae) and lactic bacteria (Lactobacillus). A backup of the culture is kept at the university of Leuven./ Sour beers produced by mixed fermentation techniques are since ages the heritance of the region where the brewery is situated./ Thanks to the Morpheus yeast, Alvinne is recognised as the worldwide innovator for the mixed fermentation sour beers. Enjoy our “probiotic”, super healthy sour ales!”


The beer’s label is very European, and a bit ugly to boot. The graphic of the label is the brewery and beer’s names, and they are displayed in slightly quirky fonts, but the rest of the beer is laid out with lots of boring text and information that clutters about the space. The government warning on the bottom of the label takes the eye quickly away from the log. The color for the text in the background are too similar, and are a boring brown. This label is a bit of an eye sore, and needs some serious help with its clutter.


The beer pours with a fierce, hissing carbonation that forms a head of medium sized, off-white bubbles that quickly fizzles into nothing, leaving a clean and calm top of the beer without any head. Carbonation bubbles continue to tear to the top of the glass however, and appear reminiscent of highly carbonated soda bubbles. In color, the beer is a deep ruby brown, almost maroon, with a distinct ruby glow in the light. The beer’s body is slightly viscous with a darkness that makes it opaque, though the beer appears clean of any particles or cloudiness.


On the nose, the beer smells of green apples, malt vinegar, cherry fruit leather, and fresh strawberry jam. Rich funky scents cover the nose from this beer, blending with the light malt character to bring a touch of plum, raisins, and a soft trace of toffee. Touches of sherry coincide with the rich smell of strawberry jam, which is quite bizarre, yet inviting. On the tongue, the beer tastes tart with lactic and malic acidity, traces of malty sweetness run across the tongue, and a very faint touch of roasted bitters can be sensed in the finish. Balance is slightly tart, but nice and not assaulting on the tongue. Fruit esters are strong and complex. In flavor, the beer begins as tart green apple, then cherry pie, then cherry fruit leather. Malt vinegar does work its way into the flavor along with sherry-like notes in the mid-palate. Just as the beer hits the back of the tongue, a sweet and sour sauce flavor can be sensed along with some of the strawberry jam from the nose. On the finish, the beer softens its tartness enough to bring soft coffee, caramel roast, and a touch of barnyard funk on the tongue alongside the fruit esters, providing a beautiful finish that lasts for quite a while on the tongue. In the mouth, the beer feels medium bodied with a middling carbonation that carries a bit of a prickle and a touch of astringency. Mouthfeel is smooth, and after the beer leaves, the mouth is left wet and gently puckering. Overall, I really like this Oud Bruin. This beer has a great funky character, a nice balance, and finishes with a great malt presence that really pulls together the beer and provides for a fascinating sip. I would love to pair this beer with richer meals to see how the acidity and malt play with food. This is a great beer with perfect complexity for the style.


4.36/5, 43/50 BJCP, A+ in Style

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