Beer and Thanksgiving

I’m not going to bore you fine readers with another list of beers to pair with your Thanksgiving dinner this year, as I can see that the internet is already filling up with them.  Instead, I would like to direct your attention to some awesome blogs and sites that can give you a rundown of what beers to put on your Thanksgiving table.


For me personally, I will say that I am bringing a lovely bottle of Three Cranes from Mystic Brewery to Thanksgiving dinner.  Three Cranes pulls in around 7.1% ABV and is a saison brewed with a large amount of local MA cranberries.  Last year’s vintage was a great saison with a light kick of tart cranberries to go along with the light yeast funk, and in this year’s vintage they have doubled the cranberries, which should assure even more tartness.  The cranberries will play nicely with any cranberry sauce or bread on the table, and the saison carbonation, esters, and phenols will pair with nearly all food types in one way or another.


My cousin also works up at the Smuttynose brewery in Portsmouth, NH and has said he is bringing along some vintage Smuttynose beers for some added delights, including a 4 year old Imperial Stout that should pair beautifully with the dessert pies.  After dinner, I plan on opening my last 2013 Backwoods Bastard from Founders.  I reviewed Backwoods Bastard last year, but I honestly don’t agree with that review anymore.  Backwoods Bastard, since that review, has quickly become one of my favorite beers.  Its rich booziness, fresh bourbon character, and sticky malt complexity all dazzle the tongue make it perfect for slow sipping.  Backwoods Bastard is an amazing after dinner treat to have as you sit and contemplate a chilly November night.

DSCN5031Here is my list of great articles on Thanksgiving Pairing options:

I Think About Beer Thanksgiving Pairing’s Thanksgiving Shopping List 

The Bruery’s Seasonal Beer-Food Pairings’s Industry Professional’s Pairings  (at the bottom of this article)

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