Mainer Weisse (Night Shift Brewing Company)

Style: American Weisse aged on Blueberries and Cinnamon Sticks

5.1% ABV

Batch #4

Bottled on 10/10/13

From: Everett, MA


Brewer’s Note: “With late-season access to some Maine wild blueberries (thanks Boston Organics!), we captured a bit of “The Way Life Should Be” in this rich, full-flavored winter sour. Mainer Weisse has a nose of ripe berry and cinnamon spice, warming hints of the holidays. It sips fruity, tart, and bold, finishing with a sweet and surely-sour bite. It is blue, and it is beautiful.”


The beer’s label is pretty much the standard Night Shift label with “Mainer Weisse” written on it. It’s nice and classy, but I would love to see some different takes on the label, rather than a uniform look… Oh well, that’s just me.


The beer pours a murky pinkish-yellow with a small white head that doesn’t last but does leave a nice ring of white bubbles around the glass.  The head leaves a thin, stringy lacing around the glass.  In body, the beer is opaque and cloudy.  On the nose, this beer smells of tart lemon, green apple, and yogurt.  There is also a faint touch of blueberry, indiscriminate spice, and wheat flakes.  On the tongue, the beer tastes very tart and acidic with just a wisp of sweet fruitiness and not much else.  As the beer warms, the harshness mellows slightly but this beer is not very balanced and leans too heavily on its sourness.  Compared to other weisses that Night Shift offers, this beer is a little out of whack.  In flavor the beer tastes of sour apple, sour lemon, lime, yogurt, and chalk.  The faintest touch of blueberry can be sensed, but I honestly think that is because I know there is blueberry in the beer.  No cinnamon can be sensed, but I do pick touches of indiscriminate, hot spice on the tongue.  The finish is quick and muted with sour fruit and the aftertaste is of puckering lemon.  In the mouth, the beer feels on the light side of medium in body.  Carbonation is a little fiercer than a medium level, but the beer is puckering and fierce in mouthfeel, with a touch of slickness.  The mouth is left full of saliva and puckering from the sour shock of this beer.  Overall, I am disappointed with this beer.  Night Shift has really impressed me in the past with their Sour Futures program and the fruited weisses that they can pump out; this beer, however, is just too sour.  The acid bulls over any other nuance that the beer might have and makes the beer harder to drink.  Night Shift usually does an amazing job of bringing fresh fruit flavors into their beer but they missed the mark with this vintage.  It’s not horrible, and it’s got some nice sharp acidity, but it is just too imbalanced for me.


3.74/5, 35/50 BJCP, B in Style

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