A Note on Clean Glassware:

Hello readers. I would like to take this post to apologize for the dirtiness of my glassware. Some regulars of this blog might have noticed over the last few reviews that the cleanliness of my glasses has been lacking.  I recently moved into a new apartment and am having a lot of trouble with the town water (i.e. it is full of minerals and leaves behind a lot of residue) which unfortunately is leaving some of my glasses dirty. I tend to re-clean each glass before I put a beer into it, but for whatever reason I am still getting lots of sediment on the sides of my glass. As such, my reviews of the appearance of various beers are currently questionable at best. I will still be reviewing beers for appearance, but my reviews are dependent on my current glassware, which I am having trouble keeping clean. I apologize to the brewers (if any of them are actually reading my blog…) and anyone else for this inaccuracy in my review, but for the time being it will have to stand as I try to learn how to keep my glasses clean with my current water supply. If you have any suggestions that won’t cost me a fortune, feel free to send me a comment/message. I currently do not use any sort of soap in my glasses and only rinse and scrub out the beers with a designated “beer scrub brush,” but I am aware there are various other methods I could use to keep my glasses clean.  What do you folks do? Cheers and beers.

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