Ellen’s Coffee Stout (Atlantic Brewing Company)

ABV: 5.4%

Hops: Pilgrim, Goldings

Malts: Black Patten, Crystal, Roasted Barley, Malted Barley, Chocolate

Yeast: Nottigham

From: Bar Harbor, ME

Brewer’s Note: “This limited edition stout is brewed using fresh roasted coffee from our local roaster, Crooked Porch Coffee of Bar Harbor, Maine, and milk sugar in addition to barley malts. Adding a touch of natural Madagascar vanilla yields a touch of gentle sweetness and creaminess to the brew.”

DSCN4753The beer’s label is funky, but a little too dark to make out all of its feautrues.  I like the sleak and modern design that Atlantic has adopted for their bottles, and I like how clean and “poppin” the fonts are (though they are a little dull).  The image/background of this particular label is funky and cool, but is sketchily drawn, and is far too dark to be properly seen on a beer shelf or in the cooler.  The label is worthy of labeling, but has enough clutter and darkness that I would not put it on a shelf. DSCN4752

The beer pours a coffee black with hints of brown.  The beer pours with a small head of tanning white bubbles but that quickly fizzles to hardly even a scrim.  In body the beer is too dark for the eye to penetrate.  On the nose the beer smells richly of vanilla and light to medium roast coffee with milk chocolate blended in.  Light toasted and roasted malts play out beneath thicker vanilla and coffee.  This beer smells very nice. On the tongue the beer tastes sweet and then roasted bitter.  Smooth, lactic acidity plays on the middle of the palate. The finish dries out nicely on the tongue. In flavor, the beer begins as rich milk chocolate, moving towards sweet, light roast coffee with rich vanilla syrup mixed in.  The vanilla is very nice in this beer but I wish it was a little stronger as it plays a little lightly with the coffee.  The finish is beautifully vanilla with light touches of coffee and creamy chocolate, which moves over the taste buds for a while.  Slight saltiness can also be sensed.  In all it tastes like vanilla and chocolate milk.  In the mouth, the beer feels on the heavy side of medium with a very soft chewiness alongside the traditional silky smooth feel that you expect from a milk stout.  This beer does have a little bit of a rougher edge than the average milk stout, but makes up for it in flavor.  The mouth is left wet with saliva and a light dryness.  Overall, this is a lovely coffee and vanilla milk stout.  I want a little bit more vanilla and roast in the flavor profile, and I wanted much more of a head on this beer, but honestly it is very balanced and delicious on the tongue. A beer to try.


4/5, B+ in Style

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