Beers of Summer

I know it’s late, but I wanted to make sure that summer was over before I made this list, and alas, the dog days of summer are finally changing over to the crisp days of autumn (kind of…).  Before you I have compiled a list of my favorite beers from this past summer.  This is by no means a definitive list of “The Best,” it is just the beers I really liked and am still thinking about as the summer turns to fall. The list is also not set up in any order, these beers are all equally awesome in my opinion. Without further ado, I give you Beer in My Belly’s first annual Beers of Summer list.


Harpoon’s Saison Various: This beer is being under-appreciated in many beer circles, in my opinion, and was delicious with a beautiful blending of the different types of saisons.  I want this available regularly and I hope the Harpoon continues experimenting with blended beers, because it seems like they can do it very well!


Jack’s Abby’s 2nd Anniversary Lager: I recently had Jack’s Abby’s Mass Rising DIPL, which is based off of this beer’s recipe but tweaked, and I have to sadly say that it doesn’t quite compare. I’m excited that they made a variation of this beer into a four-pack regular, but the original thing just seems to be non-replaceable.  This beer was crisp, hoppy, and beautiful. It smelled great, hid its alcohol well and pleased my bitter cravings.  I hope they brew the original recipe again.

DSCN4376Jack’s Abby’s Sour Time Lager: Jack’s Abby has really been nailing their beers lately, but this was a whole new beast, and I loved it a lot. A sour lager is a new thing to me, but they did it right, with beautiful light funk and complexity, this beer was perfect for summer drinking, and I really hope they start blending these in a few years so they can make a “Gueuze-style Lager.”


Blue Lobster Brewing Company: I was fortunate enough to be right nearby Blue Lobster all summer, and I absolutely made use of my proximity.  Everything from this brewery is crisp, clean, and fresh on the tongue. Their Gold Claw and Hamptonwiesse were both reviewed on this site and were both amazingly crisp, refreshing, and flavorful. I can’t wait to see what else comes out of this brewery! (Their first bottle releases are coming soon!)


Oxbow Brewing: Honestly, I’ve only really sampled their beer once, but I am still trying to figure out a reason to head back up to north of Portland, just so I can try these guys again. They are doing farmhouse ales right, and they have a beautiful little spot that they are making beers in. Their Farmhouse Pale Ale and Loretta grisette were perfect quenchers of thirst while still being full of flavor. I can’t wait to try more.


Trillium Brewing Company: Now that it is fall again, I am back down in Massachusetts and Boston, and I have the distinct pleasure of being right near this brewery.  I’ve only tried two of their beers so far, but the complexity and freshness that I tasted in those two beers has me very excited for everything else. Expect a review of their Fort Point Pale Ale soon, since I was in the brewery once as they were making it and I fell in love with the fresh smell of citra hops as they were dumped into the beer.

That’s all for now! Perhaps I’ll do a fall list as well. Expect things to get darker here at Beer in My Belly as we move towards the cold months, but also expect anything!

Until next time,

Cheers and Beers!

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