Art #5 (Night Shift Brewing)

Style: American Weisse w/Raspberry and Mint


Brewer’s Note: “Berliner Weisse-style sour ale aged on fresh raspberries, mint leaves added”

DSCN4700 Beer pours an amber gold with lots of orange going on in the color and a slight red tint, presumably from the raspberries. A light white head forms and fades to a scrim.  The body is properly hazy and a little dark. This beer smells of sweet raspberry flesh with a nice, herbal mint flourish. Tart, lemon lacto with a touch of chalkiness and some light wheat flake also touches the nose.  The beer feels medium in body with a little bit of syrupiness to it and a light prickle from carbonation. The mouth is left slick with saliva.  In the mouth the beer tastes tartly acidic with a nice herbal sweetness, some fresh fruit, and a light minty bitter taste. In flavor, the beer begins as tart, syrupy lemon that explodes into light raspberry tart with beautiful minty flourishes that give the beer a fresh herbal flavor, like chewing on wild spearmint leaves. Light grassiness and wheat can also be tasted, but the mint and raspberry are definitely the big players in the flavor. Overall the beer delivers exactly what it says it will and is nicely fresh in flavor and tasty to drink. I don’t know how much of it I would drink seeing as how it is a thicker flavor profile, more in line with Everweisse with big fruity flavor on the tongue than with Somerweirsse. The mint adds a new dimension that I am intrigued with, I just don’t think I could drink a lot of it. I like this beer and hope they brew it again.


4.15/5, B+ in Style

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