Spicy Bohemian (Throwback Brewery)

Style: Bohemian Pilsner with Jalapeno Peppers Added

4.8% ABV

40 IBU’s

OG: 1.049

Brewer’s Note: “Spicy Bohemian is a crisp and refreshing Bohemian Pilsner dry-hopped with roasted New Hampshire jalapenos.  The result is a well-balanced beer with an inviting pepper aroma.  This beer pairs extremely well with any type of Mexican food, sushi, and many types of hard cheese. Note: the beer’s spiciness can vary bottle to bottle given the variance in the pepper’s heat over the course of the growing season.”

DSCN4537The beer’s label is very similar to other Throwback labels with a cartoony windmill and a wind/banner that declares the beer is seasonal.  I actually like the use of cartooning in this beer’s label more so than I have with the other Throwback labels.  It is interesting and nicely colored.  This label is worthy of labeling but is a little boring for the shelf.

DSCN4528The beer pours and oranging gold with a little head of medium sized, white bubbles.  The head leaves little to no lacing.  In body the beer is slightly hazy, though clean and free of particles, and is full of lazy bubbles working their way to the head.  On the nose, the beer smells clean and peppery, like the flesh of a jalapeno fresh out of the garden.  Light bready malts also appear lightly in the nose.  On the tongue, the beer tastes spicy and softly sweet with light touches of acidity on the sides of the cheeks.  In flavor the beer tastes of fresh jalapeno, spicy and fleshy with light vegetal skin notes that are beautiful on the tongue.  Light, cracker malt can also be felt as a cream on the sides of the taste, balancing and cooling the spicy flavors.  The finish brings the largest touch of bready malt, but the jalapeno flavors return in the aftertaste and give a nice lingering spice to the mouth alongside a slight plastic flavor.  In the mouth, the beer feels on the light side of medium in body with a light jelling on the tongue.  Carbonation is softer, but bites at the beginning of the sip.  After the beer leaves the mouth is left wet with spice and acid canceling saliva.  Overall this beer is refreshingly unique, with some awesome pepper flavors that would do amazingly with food.  The spicy flavor actually dies off as you drink more of it, which is too bad, but overall this is one of, if not my favorite pepper beer with some great, fleshy, pepper flavors.  A beer to try for sure.



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