Wigglesworth Traditional Ale Series: Welkin Ringer (Mystic Brewery)

Style: Extra Special Bitters

5.8% ABV

From: Chelsey, MA

DSCN4409The beer’s label is sleek and spophistcated.  It is also exactly the same as the other Wigglseworth beer and as such I will just say that I like it, though it is a little cluttered and I would like some text on this unique beer instead of just about the series.

DSCN4404 The beer pours a rich, caramel mahogany color, nearly red, with a beautiful creamy yellow head of small bubbles that sit about a finger’s width above the beer and leave a splaying of medium-width, sheet like strands of lacing along the glass.  In body, the beer is dark and mysterious, but in the light it shows a cloudy body with just hints of the other side of the glass.  On the nose, the beer smells of herbal bread with a nice spice kick at the end of the smell.  Minty English hops mingle with slight grassiness to give the beer a pleasantly herbal nose while the malt and yeast provide a doughy backdrop.  On the tongue, the beer tastes nicely bready sweet with a good bitter shiver from the hops, and a touch of acid pop in the sides of the cheeks.  In flavor, the beer begins as warm caramelly bread, washing doughy yeast over the tongue as minty hops swing into the flavor bringing touches of astringent grass and very slight medicinal bitters.  There is a slight, and pleasant woodiness as well in the flavor.  The finish returns to rich caramel bread with a final hiccup of herbal, bitter hops.  The after taste is light with bitter grass.  In the mouth, the beer feels medium in body with a light chewiness and a soft and velvety carbonation with just a slight bite.  The mouth is left with a sticky scrim of saliva and a slight pucker, though no real tartness is perceived in the flavor of the beer.  Overall this is a hell of a good ESB, and would make an excellent beer to knock back over the course of a day.  Rich and flavorful in both malt and hops, it gives a great interpretation of British beer character and will certainly have you returning for more.  It would go great with pub food.  Try this beer.


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