Black Lobstah Lager (Redhook Brewing Company)

Style: Schwarzbier

5.3% ABV

25 IBU’s

Est. Cal: 159

Bottled On: March 22, 2013

From: Portsmouth, NH

Brewer’s Notes: “’Wicked good beeah made wit lobstah.’ – Black Lobstah Lager is Redhook’s take on the old-world style oyster stout. This is a crisp, black lager made with local New Hampshire caught lobster.”


The beer’s label is very funky in color.  I love the black, red, and gray coloring, and the fonts are all quite interesting with their “slightly off-skew” look.  The label, however, does suffer from a good deal of clutter between all the different text and the various logos and descriptions.  It’s a cool looking label, but it loses a lot by trying to put too much on the label.  Its worthy of scrapbooking but is not worthy of the shelf.


The beer pours like black coffee, dark and impenetrable to the eye in body.  The beer pours with a clean head of fluffy, medium sized bubbles that sit somewhere between a cream color and a light khaki.  The beer’s lacing is made of fatter, sticky bubbles on the sides of the glass, which leave a nice collection of clouds and webs along the glass.  On the nose, the beer smells of good, clean roast with coffee and chocolate nuances and the faintest ghost of brine to suggest the lobsters that were boiled in the wort.  Hops also make an appearance as light, grassy notes in the nose.  On the tongue, the beer tastes of clean bitter roast with a faint touch of sweetness and a light, metallic acidity.  In flavor the beer begins as light roast with a very light touch of briny salt.  Coffee and faint chocolate play on the tongue until the brine moves into a metallic taste with light citric tinges.  The beer’s flavor reminds me a lot of Cerne Pivo by Notch Brewing.  The finish is short and sweet with metallic brine and roast, mingling together in a pleasant flavoring.  The aftertaste continues the metallic brine, bringing in very faint touches of lemon and chocolate coffee.  In the mouth, the beer feels on the light side of medium in body with a gentle chewiness to the beer, some slickness, and a soft carbonation that caresses the tongue with light hiccups.  Overall, this is a nice lighter beer that fulfills the desire for roast without punching you in the stomach with weight.  The metallic flavor is a little off putting at first, but as you drink the beer it coalesces more and more into a brine flavor, which is interesting and tasty.  This beer is great for knocking back in the summer.




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