Chagaloc (Earth Eagle Brewings)

Style: American Gruit

4.8% ABV

Brewed with: Chaga, Honey, Black Locust Blossoms

Brewer’s Note: “CHAGALOC is a challenging gruit, with chaga and black locust blossoms. Tart, sour even, but “refreshing like an Arnold Palmer” sez Ryan. Dang tasty is all!”

DSCN4280The beer pours a ruddy, caramelized yellow with orange tints.  The beer pours with a soapy head that immediately fades away to nothing, though the top of the beer is constantly peppered by carbonation bubbles.  In body, the beer is murky and full of haze, with only dim shapes coming through from the other side.  In my experience, gruits don’t tend to look that pretty in the glass, but this one is one of the more pretty looking ones, it really doesn’t look that different in body from a hazy saison… it just doesn’t have a head.  On the nose, the beer smells herbal and slightly minty with a touch of grass and light citrus.  The smell is clean, but muddled and a little syrupy sweet, which isn’t the best. 


On the tongue, the beer tastes lightly tart and sweet, almost cidery with a soft bitter finish that helps to balance it out.  In flavor, the beer begins as tart, almost lactic tart like a Berliner weisse, but this comes without the resounding citric bite of a Berliner.  The citrus is light and fruity suggesting lemons while the chaga gives a soft earth note with a middling minty balance.  The finish is sweet and almost cider-like with green and fuji apple notes and then a nice earthy fungal taste from the chaga, which brings a close to the taste.  The aftertaste is soft with light earth and mint notes and a slight citric lingering.  In the mouth, the beer feels very much like a Berliner Weisse, sitting on the heavy side of light on the tongue with a stronger carbonation that scrubs the tongue.  The beer, meanwhile, feels a little syrupy and slick on the tongue, and after it leaves, the mouth is left slightly dry with a faint chalkiness similar to a Berliner weisse, though far lighter.


Overall, this is a great relaxing beer that serves as an excellent introduction to sours, and a nice light sipper for summer days.  Good strong herbal notes showcases the gruit nature of this beer wonderfully.  Its smell is a little weak and weird, but its taste is tart and refreshing.  This is another wonder gruit from Earth Eagle.



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