Midnight Sun (Williams Brothers Brewing Company)

Style: Spiced English Porter

5.6% % ABV

OG: 1.058

Malts: British Pale Ale Malt, Oats, Roast Barley, Chocolate Malt

Hops: First Gold, Fuggles

Additional Ingredients: Ginger

From: Alloa, Scotland

Brewer’s Note: “An instant classic: Our spiced porter, pours as black as the Midnight Sun and is created from a blend of malted barley, oats, roast barley, chocolate malt then balanced with a generous helping of hops. An after bite of fresh root ginger elevates this ale to another level. The flavours are as paradoxical as the name.”


The beer’s label is pretty bad ass with its black and white coloring and the brewery’s symbol is equally badass.  I love the font for the word “Scottish,” but the rest of the fonts area little boring, and in all honesty, the bottom half of this label sucks.  The top half of the label is awesome rising sun and mountains with a cool brewery symbol, and the bottom of the bottle is a bunch of confusing and cluttered text.  I am disappointed!  I really like the top half of this label, and really dislike the bottom half.  I suppose, because of the awesome top half, this bottle is worthy of scrapbooking, but I wouldn’t put it on a shelf.


The beer pours dark black in color, like a good black coffee.  The beer pours with a half a finger’s width of small bubbles the color of sand dunes, which leaves a lacing of medium bubbles that leave a sticky, thin webbing on the glass.  In body, the beer is too dark to look through.  On the nose, the beer smells light and bakers chocolate with nice toffee notes and hints of coffee with cream and sugar.  On the tongue, the beer tastes sweet with a good drying bitter from the light roast, and a soft touch of fruity acidity in the finish.  In flavor the beer begins as light dark fruit notes, dancing somewhere between plum and raisin, though never touching upon the richer raisin notes.  This light fruitiness slowly blended with smooth roasted malts, smooth and a touch of metallic flavor.  The finish rings with light roast and a touch of lactic sugar, while the aftertaste gives light hints to the ginger in the middle of the throat.  In the mouth, the beer feels medium in body with a soft carbonation that tickles the tongue with a light scrub.  The beer feels slick and leaves a little coating of saliva as it exits the tongue, leaving the mouth wet yet roasty dry.  Overall, this is a damn good English (Scottish?) Porter with some nice unique notes from the ginger that help to give fruitiness to the beer.  Its not going to knock your socks off, but it is just damn good and nice too sip.  Try this beer.



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