Uprising! Series 1 of 3: Catalyst (Backlash Brewing Company)

Style: Double/Imperial IPA

8.5% ABV

90 IBU’s

Brewer’s Note: “A few weeks ago we announced that we were going to let the Double IPA train roll with something we’re calling the Uprising! series.  The concept is to basically keep the malt bill from Salute the same and feature different hops in each brew.  Through some serious underground-hop-market-hustle we were able to stockpile some really killer hop varieties, so we figured we would use this opportunity to show them off…  Catalyst is the first one and it features primarily the Amarillo hop./ This beer truly is an anthem to the Amarillo hop. Tons of grapefruit citrus with very little lingering bitterness. It’s deceivingly quaffable.  There’s always room for improvement however, and I would love for this beer to be slightly more aromatic. Spoken like a true hop junkie. Sigh. If only there were more Amarillo hops to go around.”


The beer’s label is nicely colored, but a little weird on the eye.  The Backlash symbol is gritty and odd, and the color scheme is neat with its gold yellows and blacks.  The brewery font is nicely gritty and industrial, which I really like, but the rest of the fonts look a lot like the impact font from Microsoft word, and is a little stale and boring on the eyes.  Overall, I really like their Beer’s of the Apocalypse labels more than I like this label from Backlash.  This label is just lacking some proper cohesion and interest on the eyes.  This label is worthy of scrapbooking, barley, but is not worthy of putting on the shelf.


The beer pours a golden, shimmering yellow with light hues of orange.  It pours with a great head of gently creamy bubbles that slowly works away to a soap bubble head.  In body the beer is crystal clear and clean with just the lightest haze.  On the nose, this beer has a beautiful bouquet of citric fruits.  Grapefruit is the main player, giving prickly citric goodness to the nose with touches of lemon and very light lime notes and a lighter note of apple skins.  Beneath the hops is a nice light sweet malt flavoring reminiscent of light bread.  On the tongue, the beer tastes bitter and sweet with a beautiful balance that rests properly on the bitter side.  In flavor, the beer begins as bitter grapefruit with touches of medicinal hops and a light prickling pine.  The flavor slowly introduces sweet bready malt, though it is light, adding a balance to the bitter hops.  On the finish, especially as the beer warms, alcohol heat comes through alongside medicinal bitters and light grapefruit.  The aftertaste rings with bitter grapefruit and medicinal bitters.  In the mouth, the beer feels smooth, and medium in body with a creamy carbonation that lightly prickles the tongue and feels slightly biting from the bitters.  The mouth is left dry and begging for more beer to wet it again.  Overall, this is a nice bitter IPA.  Truthfully, I only really like Amarillo hops when mixed with other hops.  On their own in this beer they have some nice complexity and but really is not my flavor profile.  This beer is good, but not my favorite.



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