1202A Dooryard Cider (Poverty Lane Orchard & Farnum Hill Ciders)

7.5% ABV

Cider Makers Note: “Dooryard 1202A jumps away from the ‘rowdier tannins’ that we forecast for the Dooryard tribe. The fruit notes cluster mostly in the peachy plummy stone-fruit family, but without sweetness. Prominent is a long smooth savory ‘umami’ woven throughout 1202A’s aromas and flavors, pleasurably escorting the many acid, bitter, fruity, and woodsy notes that carry into the finish. But tannic bite and astringent pucker? Not really. So much for generalizations.”


The cider’s label is a little boring.  The cidery’s label is beautiful and artsy, and while the rest of the label is simple and plane, the colors are a little interesting.  The fonts are a little too mundane, but not the worst, and the stripes in the label are really quite interesting, and perhaps the best part of the label.  I also like the labels compass rose, but for some reason, the overall design is just really dull on the eye.  The label is not worthy of saving for scrapbooking or shelving.


The cider pours clean and clear, like a carbonated apple juice with a piss yellow hue.  Carbonation bubbles race up throughout the glass and are small and steady in pace.  On the nose, the cider smells clean and apple-like with strong tannic apple skin bristle and bright, malic acidity.  On the tongue, the beer tastes acidic with a light tannic bite of dryness on the finish, while some sweetness touches around as the cider sits in the mouth.  In flavor, the cider tastes like sparkling, non-alcoholic cider.  Light lemon and lychee flavors play across the tongue, but the purveying flavors are of bright malic acid.  Light metallic flavors also briefly play upon the tongue.  In the mouth, the cider feels brightly carbonated with a nice bite and tingle on the tongue.  In body, the beer is on the light side of medium and slightly slick.  The mouth is left dry and lightly sticky with tannins.  Overall, this cider tastes a lot like mediocre apple juice with a tannic bite, and some nice carbonation, but a weird lingering flavor somewhere between earthiness and metal. This is not my favorite cider, honestly.  It’s not terrible, but not really worth its price.




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