Weez (Maine Beer Company)

7.2% ABV

Style: American Black Bitter Ale

O.G.: 1.07

Malt: Maris Otter, American 2-Row, Munich, C-80, Chocolate, Flaked Wheat, Black Barley, Midnight Wheat.

Hops: Warrior, Cascade, Citra, Simcoe

Bottled On: 06/11/13

Brewer’s Note: “This beer is dedicated to all the stray cats out there.  Our tasting room helps fund a local shelter that is dedicated to finding warm homes for every cat that comes it’s way. Cheers to HART.  Hoppy and roasty American IPA, brewed as the dark-colored counterpart to Another One (both beers incorporate the exact same kettle and dry hopping schedule).  Weez presents a blend of hoppy and roasty notes on the nose, followed by hoppy resins on the tongue, and finishes with a deep roast.”


The beer’s label is classic MBC minimalism with a red/orange highlight on the beer title text.   The color seems a little autumnal to me, which is odd since they released this beer at the start of the summer.  I’m not digging the font for the beer’s title as much as I have on other bottles, either, though it is not terrible.  I wish they would just use the font that the rest of the text is written in.  That being said, the cat whiskers are a cute and simplistic touch and go nicely on the label, making it definitely worthy of scrapbooking and worthy of considering for the shelf.


The beer pours like black mocha coffee with a beautiful head of medium sized, khaki colored, medium sized bubbles that sit above two finger widths in the glass and take their time in calming down.  The head leaves a lacing of fat, thick bubbles that fluff out into the glass.  In body the beer is impenetrable the eye.  On the nose the beer smells gorgeously fruity with citric tangerine and nectarine with a touch of pine.  In the roast, the beer is light with caramel and a faint touch of roasted chocolate.  On the tongue, the beer tastes of citric bitter with a light sweet roast that draws a little bitterness from it and builds in the mouth.  The beer also has a light acidic pop, presumably from the hops, which leaves the mouth with a wet scrim of saliva.  This beer begins as sweet, however, and slowly works towards a more bitter palate, which is wonderfully encouraging of future sips.  In flavor, the beer begins as fruity hops, with sweet orange and grapefruit citrus touching the tongue before a healthy roast of coffee and light char moves in and overrides those flavors.  Chocolate and light metallic flavors also tingle on the tongue with the roast.  The finish returns to fresh citric juice with a touch of roasted malts, and the aftertaste is of lightly roasted malts with a soft touch of metallic flavoring.  On the mouth, the beer feels medium in body with a little bit of weight.  The carbonation is creamy and smooth, providing just a kiss of fierceness making the beer wonderfully clean and crisp on the mouth.  The mouth is left with a nice bit of saliva to cancel out the acids, and a slight bitter bite on the tongue.  Overall, this is a beautifully complex beer.  It sits somewhere between a hoppy porter and an India Black Ale, with a beautiful nose of citric hops and tastes nicely roasty with a good juicy bite from the hops.  Color me impressed by this beer.  It is sweet on the front and bitter on the end.  I wouldn’t call it a “Black IPA” by any stretch of the imagination, and I will continue arguing for some differentiation between India Dark Ales and their roastier cousins (Weez sides more on the roasty cousin side).  This beer is great though, and is another success from the MBC.  Try this beer.



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