Nephenthe Ales Solo- Springer (lawn-mower ale) (Candia Road Brewing Company)

Style: American Pale Ale/ American Golden Ale

7.4% ABV

OG: 1.070

From: Manchester, NH

Brewer’s Note: “This hazy golden ale was originally brewed out on the back steps on the first day of summer 2012. We wanted a yellow beer with a giant flavor, this hop bomb is great for the backyard or a freshwater rod. Lots of grapefruit and strong citrus flavors. This beer is crisp and flavorably tart due to the unique ale yeast we used. We really hope you enjoy this ray of sunshine.”


The beer’s label has a beautiful natural background color and a funky graphic of an old tractor.  The red seat on the tractor is a little out of place and odd but the rest of the tractor is simple and nice to look at.  I also really like the fonts for the label, though they are a little sloppy in there placement (i.e. too close to the graphic on the bottom).  This label is definitely worthy of scrapbooking, and its rustic look and cool design make it worthy of consideration for the shelf.


The beer pours a hazy, sunburst yellow with hints of orange.  The beer pours with a beautiful white head of medium sized and sparkling bubbles that look like snow on the top of the glass.   The head leaves a lacing of thick fat walls along the glass.  In body, the beer is cloudy but full of tiny bubbles of carbonation.  The other side of the glass can be seen, but it is as dark shadows, not as a clear image.  This beer is very nice to look at.  On the nose the beer smells dank and grassy with a light touch of pine, onion, and light lemon citrus.  It is a pleasant and inviting smell, featuring a far more herbal scent of hops than other recent beers in the style.  The dankness is the overpowering smell on the nose, and is prickly and enticing.  On the tongue, the beer tastes sweet and nicely bitter, with the bitterness slightly overpowering the sweet.  There is citric acidity that does bite the mouth a little and brings out a lot of saliva.  In flavor, the beer begins as herbal grassy hops with a touch of rosemary, slowly building into big bitter pine with faint touches of citric orange peel and chalk.  The finish is dank and prickly with rosemary, pine, and weed flavors, while the aftertaste is of light medicinal bitters, grapefruit, and a soft bready malt that really only appears in the aftertaste.  In the mouth, the beer feels on the light side of medium in body with a beautiful carbonation that fluffs over the tongue with a light bite, leaving the palate clean.  The mouth is left rather wet from the acids in the beer, though dry along the roof.  Overall, this is another great New Hampshire Pale Ale.  I just recently reviewed the Blue Lobster’s Gold Claw, and I am impressed at the difference between the two different beers, and how they both meet the style beautifully.  This beer is nearly Gold Claws equal, save for its slight oniony smell, and the sticky bitters that linger in the aftertaste in not the most pleasant way.  The brewery calls this a golden ale, but I have yet to find an ale that really fits that category in my head.  This is a great American Pale Ale that is heavy on the hops and bitters, but holds great balance.  It’s a little too bitter for my taste (for the style), and I personally like a juicier hop profile.  This is a great lawnmower beer, though, and a great sipper.  I can’t wait to see what else this brewery does.  Try this beer.




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