Gold Claw (Blue Lobster Brewing Company)

Style: American Pale Ale

4.5% ABV

From: Hampton, NH

Brewer’s Note: “Our interpretation of a “table” American Pale Ale. Hopped with Ahtanum and Falconer’s Flight.”


The growler/company’s logo is of a lobster grabbing onto the oval that outlines the label.  It is clean and simple with very few lines.  The font is simple and straight forward, clearly displaying the brewery’s title.  I like the lobster a lot, as it does show the regions character well, but overall I am not completely taken with it.  This label is neat, but not the most compelling one I’ve come across.


The beer pours pale gold, bordering on straw yellow with a light creamy white head of tiny bubbles, which fade away into a scrim leaving a splotchy lacing along the glass.  In body the beer is clean of all particles and expresses only a slight chill haze.  On the nose this beer is beautifully bright and expressive, featuring prickly pine that morphs into lush and juicy citric pineapple and orange with light touches of grapefruit and mango.  The nose of this beer alone easily stands up there with some of the best APA’s in America.  On the tongue the beer tastes dry and complex with faint hints of sweeter bready malt and a faint touch of acidity from the hops.  This beer is supremely balanced, however, with no aspect really overpowering the others.  In flavor the beer begins as sweet juicy citric hops, blended with light fluffy malt.  Eventually prickly pine works its way through the hop flavor, and even suggests pineapple briefly on the palate, but the malt character stays steady and strong providing a beautiful backbone for the hops to paint upon with light fluffy malt bread.  In the mouth, the beer feels crisp, clean, and natural.  The finish is of bright citric hops working beautiful bitter and juicy characteristics across the tongue that can’t quite be placed.  The aftertaste is bitter with a lingering touch of very light bready malts.  Carbonation is light and fluffs through the mouth, beautifully caressing the tongue.


The beer feels on the highest point of light in body, just below medium, and is hugely drinkable, while the mouth is left dry and rather clean with just a light malty flavor linger in the mouth.  The mouth is left begging to be wet again.  Overall this is a hell of a session ale, and a hell of an APA.  It is hugely complex in its hop character, and provides a beautiful malt canvas for the hops to work upon.  This beer is perfect for the summer, and could be knocked back all day and night long.  As soon as it leaves your mouth you just want more of it.  Try this beer for sure, and try it fresh!




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