Bozone Select Amber Ale (Bozeman Brewing Company)

Style: American Amber Ale

5.4% ABV

29 IBU’s

OG: 12.5° Plato

FG: 2° Plato

From: Bozeman, MT

Brewer’s Note: “The local favorite, this flagship light amber is all about balance, with medium body, a hint of hops, and a refreshing finish that leaves you beckoning for more. Bozone Select Amber Ale is the flagship offering from Bozeman Brewing Company, made with Montana Brown and malted Pale barley, as well as Crystal and Vienna malts. Hopped with a blend of Magnum, Columbus, Santiam, and a late kettle addition of Cascade hops for a pleasant aroma. This is a truly quaffable session beer.”


The beer’s can is fairly simple and a little “mass-produced” in look.  That being said, I do like the sigil that the Bozeman Brewing Company has adopted as there logo, as that adds a little bit of class to the can.  Clutter is kept nicely in check on the can, which does separate it from mass-produced cans, but other than that it is very simple can.  I like the fonts, though they all clash slightly when in comparison with each other.  The bottle cap background graphic is cool, but a little dull.  Overall, this can is probably not worth saving for a shelf, but it is not an eye sore either, it’s just a nice simple beer can.  It has a nice regal look to it, which isn’t really eye popping, but is still nice.


The beer pours a chill-hazed, orange amber color, siding more towards orange in my book.  The beer pours with a yellowing head of bubbles that look like there the color of lightly buttered popcorn.  The bubbles are medium sized and slowly fizzle away, leaving a sticky, bubbly ring of lacing on the sides of the glass.  On the nose, the beer smells of clean and bready caramel with a touch of pine.  The caramel is sweet and sticky on the nose, and is really pleasant, even hinting towards milk chocolate and buttered popcorn at times.  On the tongue, the beer tastes crisply sweet with a touch of balancing bitter and a very faint hint of acid.  In flavor, the beer tastes of candy sweet caramel, which smoothes into warm caramel bread with just a touch of pine to keep the beer far from being cloying.  The finish is of sweet caramel bread and a touch more pine than was in the rest of the sip, and the aftertaste is a light and bready caramel that sweetens the sides of the mouth.  This is very nice and simple tasting beer with not a lot of complexity, but a nice grasp of the flavors it wants to portray.  In the mouth, the beer feels on the thick side of medium, just below heavy, with a light and sluggish carbonation that tickles the tongue after a second of sitting in the mouth.  Overall, this is a pleasant and simple amber ale that is nice to knock back.  It reminds me a lot of Baxter Brewing’s Amber Road.  A perfect beer to sip as the days grow colder and fall clamps down.



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