Leisure Time Lager (Jack’s Abby Brewing Company)

Style: Witbier Lager

4.8% ABV

15 IBU’s

OG: 11.8° Plato

Brewed with: Lemongrass, Coriander, Orange Peel and Chamomile

Brewer’s Note: “We honor our Pops with this beer. His vision built the Leisure Time ice brand decades ago and inspired us to build Jack’s Abby as a family business. Leisure Time Lager is brewed with wheat and a blend of spices including lemongrass, coriander, orange peel and chamomile. A subtle spiciness balances the citrusy and floral hops added to the whirl and hopback. Relax and enjoy! Leisure Time Lager uses locally grown wheat from MA.”


The beer’s label is of a beautiful snow covered mountain with pine trees all around it.  It is done in the proper Jack’s Abby sketch style, but because it is just a landscape I find myself liking this scene far more.  The font also looks beautiful and flowing with the rest of the label.  The overall label is a little scrunched by the text to either side of it, which cause a little bit of clutter, though.  In the end, this label is worthy of scrapbooking but not of the shelf.


The beer pours a pale and hazy yellow, with a big, bright, eggshell white head of smooth bubbles on top.  The head sits at a little over a finger’s width and leaves a lacing of medium thick sheets on the sides of the glass.  The beer’s body is properly cloudy with a wheat protein haze and a steady stream of bubbles that are slowly working their way to the beer’s head.  On the nose, the beer tastes clean and light with whiffs of cardamom and citrus orange peel interplaying with light wheat flakes.  The orange occasionally steps over into a more lemony flavor on the nose.  On the tongue, the beer tastes crisply sweet with light bitter spice and a touch of citric tartness.  In flavor the beer begins as clean wheat malt that slowly builds towards a full bodied wheat flake flavor.  As the wheat flavor builds, spices move in on the tongue to give big bursts of cardamom and then a snap of citric orange peel and lemongrass and just a touch of chamomile.  The finish is a whirlpool of all the flavors with a final hiccup of wheat flakes, and the after taste of light, clean wheat malt and a slight citric tart bite of lemon on the tongue.  In the mouth, the beer feels on the plus side of light in body with a crisp and fluffy carbonation that snaps the tongue at the beginning of the sip and then cradles it.  The mouth is left wet with acid neutralizing spittle, and begging for more beer.  Overall, this is one hell of a summer beer and a great light sipper with terrific flavor and complex simplicity.  I love the spices and the citric snap on the palate, and I could knockback this beer all day long.  They should can this!  If you are looking for a beer to put back this summer, try this!



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