Saison Renaud (Mystic Brewery)

Style: Saison/American Farmhouse Ale

6.5% ABV

Bottle Size: 350 ML

From: Chelsea, MA

Brewer’s Note: “A saison for the summer. Made with pilsner malt and Saaz hops…it’s similar to a pilsner with more spice and light fruit.  What you’ll find in this bottle is a tribute to our brewery’s smallest and most mystic worker – The Renaud yeast strain.  Pilsner malt and noble saaz hops paint the background canvas on which Renaud’s talent is displayed. Like the ancestot for which it is named, Renaud has a French soul yet was raised in New England. Its feisty spirit finds full expression in this traditionally made saison.  Dry and aromatic, Saison Renaud celebrates the warm seasons and is a worthy stop on our quest to rediscover the best of pre-industrial brewing.  Proost!”


The beer’s label is awesome. I love the “art nouveau” style that Mystic has adopted for its bottles, and I love their choice of fonts.  My only worry is that the text on the back is a little hard to read, but not impossible.  Clutter is kept relatively under control, and what clutter there is works terrifically with the label.  I love the arches, I love the Mystic symbol, and I love the hop bine garnish.  This bottle is worthy of your shelf for sure!


The beer pours a pale yellow with a cloudy body full of floating chunks.  The beer pours with a mammoth head of tiny egg-shell white bubbles that stay there and do not leave, creating a bump out of my glass.  They are still there and it has been ten minutes…  There is also a maelstrom of bubbles pumping up to the head like a swarm of bees to honey.  On the nose, the beer smells lightly of sweet funk with big grassy and spicy hop notes.  The sweet fruit esters in the nose move from light citric orange into more pineapple-like notes.  Very light bread funk sits below the other smells and gives the beer a faint lemon-butter touch.  Though this may be because I just had mimosas this morning, my initial whiff of the beer keeps reminding me of the orange citrus and yeast funk of a mimosa, from that initial sniff this beer then blossoms into awesome complexity.  On the tongue, the beer tastes nicely balanced with a light sweet funk that quickly dries into grassy bitters and a light citric and funky acidity.  In flavor the beer begins as crisp light bread malt but then blossoms with grassy bitters and funky saison touches of lemon bread, hay, and even a touch of pineapple and orange juice.  The finish is lemon-buttered bread with a touch of hay, and the aftertaste is soft with lovely bitter hay and light bread notes.  On the mouth, the beer feels on the light side of medium with an effervescent carbonation that keeps the beer in check, and a lovely creaminess is also felt in the carbonation.  The mouth is left slightly tingly from the carbonation, with a nice dryness.  Overall, this is a great saison, and a terrific example of what a yeast can do to a beer.  I love the complexity of the esters and the lovely drinkability of this beer.  This is a great summer beer.  It’s a little too heavy to knock back, but that is fine by me.  This beer is fantastic and you should try it.  Another success by Mystic, the Wizards of Yeast!




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