Ever Weisse (Night Shift Brewing Company)

Style: American Weisse aged on strawberries, kiwis, and dried hibiscus flowers

5.5% ABV

From: Everett, MA

Batch #4

Bottled on: 5/6/13


Brewer’s Note: “Sold exclusively at our brewery in Everett, Ever Weisse is what most beers are not – hopped minimally, soured extensively, pink in color, aged on hand-chopped fruit, brewed only once in a tiny batch, and available at at only one location. It sips fruity and tart, with a touch of tangy sweetness. It does not taste like other beers do, nor should it.”


Beer’s label is cool, but a little crowded.  I love the Night Shift symbol, and I like the font choices.  They are simple, and almost look like they were handwritten, which makes them fun to read.  I also love the food pairings, cellaring notes, tasting notes, etc… that the glass provides, I just feel like there is too many letters on the bottle, and they draw the eye away from the beautiful simplicity of the Night Shift logo.  Still, I love the color scheme for this bottle, and overall I still like this bottle.  It is worthy of scrapbooking for sure, and is worthy of considering for the shelf.


Beer pours a beautiful reddish pink, almost like ruby red grapefruit juice.  It pours with a fizzy, eggshell white head of big soapy bubbles that fades away slowly.  The head leaves a very light lacing of thin sticky bubbles that form clouds on the sides of the glass.  The beer’s body seems clean of particles, but hazy with no site of the other side of the glass.  On the nose the beer smells like ripe and jammy strawberry.  It is thick on the nose, and beautifully fruity, and though it is one dimensional with pure strawberry and maybe just a kiss of citric kiwi, it is still a big and beautiful smell that is rich and complicated in its own right.  On the tongue the beer tastes tartly acidic and then fruity sweet with a lingering pucker but no traces of bitterness.  In flavor the beer begins as puckering citric sour but then blossoms into huge strawberry flavors with touches of fuzzy sweet kiwi fruit and a very faint hint of savory hibiscus.  The finish and aftertaste bring more of the subtle hibiscus flavors into the mouth alongside ripe strawberry skin and acidic kiwi fruit.  The malt in this, of course, is light, but does give a faint touch of grainy breadiness.  The aftertaste softly rings with lingering hibiscus and even fainter touches of strawberry.


In the mouth, the beer feels sharply citric, but on the light side of medium in body.  The real weight in the beer’s body comes from the real fruit that was added to the beer, and which (oddly enough) can be felt as a slight graininess on the tongue.  The carbonation is sharp and prickly on the tongue, working to keep in order the massive, ripe, and sweet fruit flavors of the beer, and it achieves this nicely.  The mouth is left puckering from the sourness of the beer, and also begging for more beer.  Overall this is a beautiful example of the burgeoning American Weisse style.  It is fruity, sour, and very refreshing while still being puckeringly refreshing.  This beer tastes great.  It is what all fruit beers should be with its beautiful fresh fruit flavors and its thirst quenching beer touches.  Try this beer for sure.




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