Plum Island Belgian White (Newburyport Brewing Company)

Style: Witbier

5.4% ABV


Brewer’s Note: “An unfiltered witbier with hints of citrus & coriander. This “partly cloudy” ale features slight citrus and spicy aromas complemented by mild sweet pilsner and wheat malt tastes. Our friends in Belgium would be proud of us.”


The beer’s can is funky and designed perfectly to take in other styles as well.  I like the big wave that is imprinted into the background of the can, and I love the fonts and color scheme.  It is text heavy, but everything meshes together perfectly.  This can is pretty and funky and worthy of shelf space for sure!


The beer pours a cloudy lemon yellow with no defined chunks, but no site of the other side of the glass.  The beer pours with a massive creamy white head of tiny bubbles that leaves sticky rings of lacing with thin fluffy bubbles.  On the nose, the beer smells of sweet coriander, citrus lemon, and orange peel with nuances of light wheat bread malt.  Citrus lemon bread comes through very strongly in the nose.  From the can the beer smells breadier and the prickliness of the citrus is lighter.  On the tongue, from the glass, the beer tastes lightly tart with beautifully bready sweet notes and a touch of herbal spicy bitterness.  In flavor the beer tastes of lemon bread with beautiful coriander spice and a touch of light orange juice and very slight wheat flake flavors.  From the can, there is a slight metallic snap that bumps up the citric lemon flavors in the mouth and makes the beer cooler in the mouth, but other than that it is actually quite similar to in the glass.  In the mouth the beer feels fluffy and smooth with just enough bite from the carbonation to make the beer feel refreshing in the mouth and provide a light snap with a body on the light side of medium.  The mouth is left clean with a light spicy tingle and a refreshed feeling.  There is some slight saliva from the citric acid in the beer, but that is just heavy enough for you to need another drink to wash it away.  Overall, this beer is an amazing summer beer that I could knock back like nothing else. It is great from a can and its great from a glass and it is my current favorite of the summer beers.  There is fantastic complexity in flavor while still not being too overpowering in flavor.  This beer would also pair beautifully with light foods like white fish, salads, etc…  This beer is phenomenal, and is a great start for a new brewery.  I chatted with one of the owners at a recent tasting and he mentioned that they are struggling just to keep up with the demand of the three beers they brew, which is great because all three are fantastic (Green Head IPA review will be along shortly).  He did, however, mention that their head brewer has a badass oatmeal stout recipe that they might throw in a can for the winter, which I am totally down for.  In the end this beer is an excellent beer for summer, and an excellent beer overall, and I am excited about this brewery.  Try them!



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