Serge (Saint Somewhere Brewing Company)

Style: Black Saison/Farmhouse Ale

6.5% ABV

Bottled On: 2012

From: Tarpon Springs, FL


I love this beer bottle’s label.  It is simple, sleek, and sexy.  The image of the white flowerish thing is hauntingly sexual and simple, the board or the label is fancy and cool.  The brewery’s font also looks awesome, though the beer’s title font looks a little plain, and is actually small for the “name scroll” that it is on.  Clutter is kept to a minimum, though, which is good, and I love the black, gray, and white color scheme.  It’s smoky and noire-like.  This label is worthy of shelving and is worthy of labeling.


The beer pours a dark muddy brown, and sits in the glass as nearly black chocolate with massive tightly packed slightly creamy, khaki colored head.  The beer’s body is impenetrable to the eye, but the head does leave a lacing of fat thick sheets of sticky bubbles.  On the nose, the beer smells of funky leather with a soft green apple/pear tartness to the nose and a touch of bitter grass and a touch of pineapple.  The malt is practically non-existent in the nose except for a lingering sense of caramel and toffee on the nose.  On the tongue, the beer tastes tart with light roasted sweetness and a faint touch of bitters.  In flavors this beer begins as of tart green apple which flows into light roasty malt with smooth caramel sweetness.  As the tart green apple tastes moves into the caramel malt tastes it brings some funky cheese flavors to the mouth reminiscent of a light brie mixed with a smoked Gouda.  The finish is tart but marries in some light roast and caramel flavors.  The aftertaste returns to the tart flavors and a nice roasty chocolate but it also gets slightly chemical-like though this is quickly remedied by another sip of beer.  These flavors are all light and subdued, but blend together beautifully.  In the mouth the beer feels on the light side of medium with a slightly prickly carbonation that peppers over the taste buds.  The mouth is left clean but puckering from the tartness of the beer, and slightly burned on the tongue from carbonation.  Overall, this is a deliciously weird sipper.  The flavors are all light but blend together beautifully into an interesting sipper.  This is not my favorite of the dark saisons, but it is actually different from any other dark saison I’ve tried.  Its tartness moves it towards the funky saisons, while still carrying some roasted and caramel malts.  This beer actually reminds me slightly of the Stingo by Boulevard and Pretty Things, as well as the Descendant by Mystic Brewery (Review for Descendant is coming soon) with its dark flavors and tart/funkiness, and such a comparison is a good thing since I love both those beers.  This is not the best beer in the world, but it has some nice complexity and actually opens up into more roasty flavors as the beer warms.  It has a funk and tartness that are under control and functional in the flavor, and overall it is a great beer.  Try it.



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