Daymark (Rising Tide Brewing Company)

Style: Rye American Pale Ale

5.5% ABV

From: Portland, ME

Brewer’s Note: “Chart a new course with Daymark as your guide. We start with a classic, clean and crisp American pale ale brewed with spicy Columbus and Centennial hops. Then we accent the grain bill with rye grown on small local family farms right here in Maine and malted to our specifications at Valley Malts, an artisanal malt house. Finally we dry hop the finished beer for a bright floral aroma. Availability: Year round.”


The beer’s label is clean and crisp with strong minimalist flair.  The Rising Tide logo is big but pretty to look at and interesting, and though I am not a huge fan of all lowercase letters, the font and brewery title do look nice.  The compass rose as the main logo is light and interesting, and the white background space is interesting and brightens the logo.  I love the brightness of the logo and think it would look nice on a shelf in a scrapbook! The choice is your’s.


The beer pours a pale orange color with yellow highlights.  The beer forms a smooth, creamy white head of medium sized bubbles, and it is replenished by a maelstrom of bubbles racing up like an upside down snow storm to replenish the snowy head.  The head sits at a healthy finger’s width above the beer, and it does not fade away… Ever.  It leaves a lacing of fat clouds, made up of tightly knit dry bubbles. This beer is pretty to look at.  On the nose, the beer smells of juicy pine with hints of grapefruit and a subtle rye spice that hints at grainy bread.  The hop smell also gives off surprising hints of juicy citrus, moving from orange to slight pineapple, and then back to grapefruit.  On the tongue, the beer tastes dry and bitter with some light acidity and only the faintest kiss of sugar.  In flavor, the beer begins as light spicy rye with lovely grapefruit accents which eventually eat up the light rye flavors and move into a juicier flavor with hints of pine.  The finish returns to big beautiful rye flavors with pine accents that work together beautifully and slightly suggesting bell pepper flesh on the tongue.  The aftertaste is a tingly sense of rye malt and slight bitter hops.  In the mouth, the beer feels medium in body with a phenomenal carbonation that provides a lovely fluffy scrub to the tongue and keeps this beer nicely dry and sippable.  The mouth is left dry but clean, with some slight spittle forming from the hop acids.  Oddly, this light spittle seems to help quell the bitters of this beer and balance it nicely.  Overall, this is a lovely flagship beer, and a really nice lawnmower beer as well.  They need to throw this thing into cans or a six pack so that people can sip it in canoes or on top of mountains.  This is just a solid, American, hop-forward rye beer.  It is a little harsh on the hops, overall, and some more rye character would not be a bad thing, but overall, I like this.  Good beer.



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