Saison De Lente (The Bruery)

Style: American Brett Saison/Farmhouse Ale

6.5% ABV

35 IBU’s

SRM: 4

From: Placentia, California


Brewer’s Note:  “Our Spring Saison is light blonde in color with a fresh hoppiness and a wild and rustic Brettanomyces character. Lighter in color and alcohol than our Saison Rue, yet equally complex in its own way. Perfect for warmer weather and Spring celebrations.”


The beer’s label is similar to most Bruery labels in that it has psychedelic funky patterns for the background.  This particular patter is only somewhat akin to Alice in Wonderland artwork, as the labels background.  The background is actually quite similar to a finely painted Easter egg, much like the one found/hidden behind the “De” in the beer’s title.  Once I noticed the egg, I really do like it as it sets the beer’s mood as a spring/Easter beer.  I have also just realized that the weird pattern on the label is made up of leaping bunnies… How embarrassing that it took me this long to realize that…  Basically the label is complex and wonderfully representative of the season.  I also love the light green and light pink color scheme, and the font is well picked.  My biggest complaint with this bottle is that a lot of the text gets lost in the pattern and in the colors, and makes the label hard to read.  On top of that, this label seems more cluttered than other Bruery labels.  I really like this label, but I think it is just a touch off for me to consider for the shelf, I would, however, highly recommend scrapbooking this label.


The beer pours a beautiful light fiery orange with a big, blank white head of tiny little creamy bubbles.  The beer’s body is clean with a nice light haze and tons of tiny carbonation bubbles racing to refill the head.  The beer leaves a thick fluffy lacing behind made up of tightly packed bubbles that look sheet cloud-like on the sides of the glass.  On the nose, the beer smells sweet with a lovely herbal funk that moves from lemon bread to slight parsley and very faint citrusy cheese.  The malt is light and very faintly hints at wheat and cereal grains on the nose.  The yeast however, is the main player on this beer’s nose, and it smells fresh and sweetly funky.  On the tongue, sweet and slightly funky with a nice back bitter and only the faintest touch of acidity.  In flavor, the beer begins as sweet slightly funked malt, blooming into citrusy lemon bread with hay-like characteristics, slight green apple flavors and a great background of grassy bitters that balance out the sweeter elements of the beer and make it quite refreshing.  The finish is of sweet yeasty grass, and washes down to leave a powerful aftershock of lemon citrus and a light brett funk which eventually fades to simple grassy bitters.  This beer has a long finish, and some serious nuances of lovely simplistic saison.  The more I sip the beer I get a slight parsley spice at the beginning of the sip that is quickly washed away by the carbonation.  In the mouth, the beer feels quite fluffy in carbonation with only the slightest tingle assaulting the tongue.  The beer feels medium light in body, and leaves the mouth slightly dry, but overall clean and refreshed.  Overall, this is an awesome saison that is very in season with spring and Lente, and is very refreshing in the mouth.  It has wonderful classic saison qualities while still existing slightly outside of traditional saison category.  Try this beer for sure!


For fun, I tried pairing this beer with some ham steak my roommate cooked up and some sweet maple mustard that I received for Easter.  On its own, the ham and mustard mixed beautifully, creating a harmonious union of the savory rich umami ham and the sweet candied and slightly acidic mustard, though the ham is slightly dry.  Paired with the beer, most of the mustard flavors are bled away, and you are really only left with the savory flavors of the ham.  The grassy bitter flavors are brought to the forefront of the palate.  The pairing does not really work.  Ideally, the saison would go beautifully with light flavorful foods with just a touch of spice to play with the hops.  Salads and white fish are two excellent options to pair with this beer.


As a side note, I was aware going into this pairing that it probably wouldn’t work, but because the food was available to me I decided that pairing it would be fun.  The point of my random food pairings is more to expand my understanding of how some food and beer pairings works and how some do not, then to have a perfect pairing.



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