Notch Tafelbier (Notch Brewing Company)

Style: Belgian Pale Table Beer

Malt: Special Aromatic, Pils, Oats

Hopes: Styrian Goldings, Saaz

Yeast: Belgian

From: Ipswich, MA

Brewer’s Note: “Tafelbier is a Belgian beer of lower strength – and for good reason. Tafelbier was, (and still is) enjoyed by Belgian families at meal time. This is the ultimate summer session beer at 2.8% ABV. Dry hopped with Styrian Goldings and Saaz hops, it has a distinct herbal hop aroma and flavor that balances perfectly with the spicy Belgian yeast character.”


This label is like all other Notch labels, but it is stupendous and simplistic, and displays some lovely graphic art.  This label would look lovely on a shelf, or on a poster, or as an advertisement.  It is crisp, not cluttered, and it is well defined.  As far as this specific label goes, the only unique thing is the color, which is salmon orange and not exactly the prettiest of colors as far as Notch labels go, but it is interesting.


The beer pours a golden yellow, with a nice big creamy yellow-white head that fizzles away to leave scrim of medium-sized soapy bubbles.  The beer’s body is clear but very hazy with a strong and steady stream of bubbles traveling up the glass.  On the nose, this beer smells properly Belgian with lovely funky citrus bready banana yeast esters with touches of clove.  This nose is surprisingly complex.  I’m not sure what I’m expecting in a 2.8% beer, but I feel like my expectations are already being shattered with the nose.  The malts are light in the nose, but the hops definitely provide a light grassy quality that I’ve come to expect from Saaz.  On the tongue the beer tastes of spritzy sweet and tart citrus.  The flavor begins as fierce spritzy lemon before opening further into lemon citrus flavors.  This beer tastes amazing citric, almost like strong lemon water.  The finish is medium in length with more citrus and touches of bready yeast and malt.  In the mouth, this beer feels fiercely carbonated and assaults the tongue.  The beer’s body is light and the mouth is left clean except for a little dryness on the tongue, and a little bit of carbonation burn.  Overall, this beer is incredible.  It is full of citric flavor, and extremely light and drinkable.  This beer is like a sprite with beer flavors added.  It is fantastic.  Notch has one hell of a repertoire, and this is one hell of an addition to it.  This beer is great.



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