Private Rye Bière De Garde (Jack’s Abby Brewing)

Style: Bière De Garde 

6.0% ABV

30 IBU’S

OG 14.5º Plato

Private Rye 1

Brewer’s Note: “Brewed in the French farmhouse style as a warm fermented lager. The grist contains 30% Rye Malt local sourced and malted in MA as well as Belgian candy sugar. We leave this beer slightly hazy to accentuate the mild fruity yeasty character. Copper in color, a spicy Rye flavor emerges in a dry yet malty finish.”

Private Rye 2

The bottle’s label is done in the Jack’s Abby cartooning style with a safari chap gazing at us through his binoculars, kind of like a peeping Tom…  I’m not a complete fan of the artwork style, but the bottle label is nice overall.  The text is nicely spread out, like all of Jack’s Abby labels, though it does seem a little more cluttered than others (perhaps due to the number of letters in the word “Bière De Garde”).  I do love the gold/copper band that is seen in every Jack’s Abby label.  This beer is worthy of scrapbooking but not of the shelf.

Private Rye 3

The beer pours an ambered copper with a huge yellowing white head of creamy bubbles.  The beer’s body is lager clean but with a darker haze, and tiny carbonation bubbles can be seen racing up to replenish the fat head.  The beer leaves behind a lovely network of dry sticky lacing, almost like the layers of the earth with tree roots running between them.  On the nose, the beer smells of light spicy bread with a touch of saison funk, but with a very clean feel on the nose.  The rye malt is the most prominent thing in the nose, and gives some wonderful spicy rye bread notes.  On the tongue, the beer tastes clean with a light flavor palate of bitter and salty dry bread with a faint touch of sweetness.  The beer begins with muted bread notes that slowly open into spicy rye bread with a nice hit of grassy hops.  The finish is strong with the grassy and hay-like hops, while the aftertaste lingers with very muted rye spice.  On the mouth, the beer feels medium light in body and leaves the mouth slightly astringent yet wet on the sides of the tongue and dry on the roof of the mouth.  Overall, this isn’t a bad beer.  I haven’t really had a Bière De Garde , so I don’t know for style how to grade this beer.  I can say that it is very muted in flavor compared with other Jack’s Abby beers.  It’s tasty, just not as in your face as others.  I like this beer, but it didn’t blow me away.

Private Rye 4


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