Triple Bag (Long Trail Brewing Company)

Style: German Strong Ale/Imperial Altbier

53 IBU’s
9.2% ABV

Color: Dark Amber
Malts: 2-Row, Wheat, Caramel 80L & Chocolate
Hops: Nugget & Mt. Hood

Tripel Bag 1

Brewer’s Note: “Triple Bag is brewed in a small batch from single infusion that uses only the first runnings of the mash. The result is a brew made from only the purest part of the grains, providing a uniquely rich and dense flavor, with an aroma reminiscent of the finest dessert wines. This brew is naturally carbonated and is an example of brewing purity that is rarely experienced by those other than brewers themselves.”

Tripel Bag 2

The beer’s label is interesting.  I like the quirkiness of the buff cow showing of the muscle, and I actually like the cartoon interpretation of the cow a little more than I like other Long Trail cartoon labels, but the label still is kind of corny and childish, which doesn’t work for me as far as a beer label goes.  The Long Trail font is clean and simple, yet stylistically appealing, and the background texture/color is pretty cool looking and hay-like, but the cartoon cow with a tattoo looking tough just doesn’t quite do it for me.  I would scrapbook this label, but it is not worthy of the shelf.

Tripel Bag 3

The beer pours a dark candied brown, with nice hints of amber in it.  The beer’s body is clean but cloudy with a haze, and the beer’s head is very lightly tan in color.  The beer’s lacing is thin and slick, leaving slippery lines of foam on my glass.  On the nose, this beer is big and pungent from the moment the cap is popped.  Beautiful rich malts leap from the bottle, the glass, and whatever other container you might have this beer in.  When you stick your nose in the glass you get sweet notes of brown sugar, raisin, prune, slight maple syrup notes, and a surprising amount of creamy and also unripe banana.  On the tongue, this beer is creamy sweet, bringing raisins, banana, brown sugar, caramel, and slight toasted malts on to the tongue.  The beer begins with sweet brown sugar and a touch of maple syrup before opening into raisins, then prunes, then a touch of dates and lovely toasted caramel malts before the beer hits the finish of banana, raisins,  and brown sugar.  The aftertaste is beautifully long lasting, giving hints of both ripe and unripe banana and brown sugar.  On the mouth, the beer feels slightly below heavy but chewy in body and creamy smooth on the tongue.   The mouth is left dry on the sides but swimming in saliva on the middles of the tongue.  Overall this beer is fantastic, sweet, and complex.  I love how this beer is specially made from the first runnings of the mash as that adds a certain amount of fanciness to it.  I also love how it smells and how it feels on the tongue, and especially how it tastes.  This is a beautiful sipping beer that is ripe with flavors and doesn’t quite touch on the common flavor profiles of other big beers.  This beer is a winner.  Try it.

Tripel Bag 5


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