A Cheers to the Beers of Backlash!

This is a little side note about Backlash Beer Company which I came across while researching Famine, their third beer of the Apocalypse.  The blog post is from the brewer at Backlash and really helps to highlight a brewery that is trying to just brew good beer, and actually cares about the taste of their beer.  In the post he mentions that the Russian imperial stout, Death, did not come out to what he wanted, but he also admits that it isn’t horrible and is definitely drinkable… He just doesn’t think it’s good enough to sell to the public because he cares what people think about his beer and doesn’t want anyone wasting their money on a beer that isn’t as good as he could make it.  That ladies and gentlemen is the true power of the craft beer movement, and is what sets most of the craft beer world apart from the macros.  These tiny breweries are willing to eat thousands of dollars just to ensure that the product they’re sending out is the best it can be.  That really highlights their dedication and passion for their product, and it shows how much they care about their customers.  Three cheers for Backlash, everyone should checkout their beer if they are in Massachusetts.  It is delicious.  (On an aside, I really hope that Backlash re-brews Death, because I a Chipotle Russian Imperial Stout sounds delicious, and I would love to try some!)

Here is the Link: http://backlashbeer.com/2013/01/15/the-death-of-death/

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