Jabby Brau (Jack’s Abby Brewing Company)

Style: American Pale Session Lager

4.5% ABV

20 IBU’s

11.5º Plato

Jabby Brau 1

Brewer’s Notes:

“Deep golden in color, this low ABV lager balances Pilsner and Munich malt with an aromatic American hop aroma. This beer starts hoppy but finishes unexpectedly malty with very low bitterness. Impressively flavorful and drinkable for the lightest beer we brew. We dub this beer a “Session Lager,” as we once again brew a lager in a beer style of its own. Jabby Brau uses local Soft Red Winter Wheat from Four Star Farms.”

Jabby Brau 2

The Jabby Brau label has an awesome shield sigil, the hop-gilded ring, and an interesting golden-orange background coloring.  It is, like all other Jack’s Abby labels, drawn in a way that makes the graphic seem rough, and as if it was colored in with Crayola markers, pencils, and crayons, which isn’t horrible, but doesn’t quite match up with my personal tastes.  Other than that, the label is much like all other Jack’s Abby labels, solidly constructed, well laid-out, and definitely worthy of scrapbooking, and probably worthy of considering for your shelf.

Jabby Brau 3

The beer pours a pink-tinted yellow-gold with a huge head on top that sits as just slightly off-white in color with some creamy and soapy bubbles.  The beer’s body is really quite clean with a slow but steady flow of bubbles traveling to replenish the head.  The beer’s lacing is fat and poofy, like little clouds leaving a patchwork on my glass.  On the nose, the beer smells clean but surprisingly layered and nuanced for this style of beer.  It smells like spicy wheat bread alongside light touches of citrus and pine.  The spice in the smell actually reminds me of rye, which is odd but quite intriguing.  The grainy wheat bread smell has lovely light nuances of caramel and cereal grains, which further add to the complexity of the smells.  On the tongue, the beer’s taste follows the nose and adds to it with decadent cereal grain and wheat notes, and very light kiss of hops to balance the beer out.  This is what a pale lager should taste like!  The taste begins with a citrus pine bite that has you thinking IPA, but that is quickly gentled and washed away by sweet wheat flake flavors which blossom into caramelly and cereal flavors with a touch of succulent wood flavoring that mellows the sweet beautifully.  Underneath everything the hop bitters continue to act as a beautiful stabilizer for this beer, while hardly effecting the flavor at all.  The finish stays strong with the wheat flake flavoring, stepping beautifully into Kellog-zone while never getting too sweet, and remaining remarkably refreshing.  The aftertaste is clean and light with tasty cereal and wheat notes.  On the mouth, this beer feels lager clean, lager crisp, and lager refreshing.  The beer’s body is light with just enough oomf to let you know you’re drinking something tasty.  The wheat notes seem to add just a touch of syrupy body to the beer, which is lovely.  After the beer leaves, the mouth is left clean with a light sheen of saliva that invites further sips.  Overall this beer is amazingly tasty.  I could knock this beer back all night and not feel bad.  It’s sessionable and it’s tasty, which are not always the easiest things to marry together in a beer.  Yet another success from Jack’s Abby; this beer’s flavors are sure to woo Ale fans, while its lager characteristics should appease even the acolytes of Bud-Heavy.  Try this beer.

Jabby Brau 4



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