R.I.P.L. Effect (Jack’s Abby Brewing)

Style: Rye India Pale Lager

5.75% ABV

65 IBU’s

O.G.: 13.75

Hops: Sorachi Ace, Columbus, Cascade, and Amarillo

Malt: 35% Rye Malt from Triticale, MA

RIPL Effect 1

Brewer’s Note:

“What do you get when you combine the dry malt backbone of a Pilsner, the aromatic hops of an IPA and the spiciness of a Rye Lager? You get a special blend of flavors that’s sure to send ripples through your taste buds.”

RIPL Effect 2

I love just about everything that Jack’s Abby puts in a glass, but I’ve admittedly been having some gripes about their labels lately.  The label for R.I.P.L. is their standard/non-specially-designed label, which is what I already reviewed for the Saxonator label, and while I was harsh on the label then, I would like to back step and say that as far as standard labels go, Jack’s Abby’s labels kickass.  My real gripe is that a standard label becomes dull to the eye, chiefly because it is a “Standard” label, and thus has little to no personal flair, which is what I really look for in a beer bottle.  On this bottle, I love the fonts for the brewery name, and for the beer’s title, though the beer’s title does pop a little oddly off of the label.  The color scheme, except for the yellow box on the bottom, all meld together nicely, and the yellow box on the bottom, while a little ugly, is made to pop so that the eye can pick up what style of beer the bottle contains.  The bottle is pretty in all, just tame and standard.  It is worthy of scrapbooking, but probably not for the shelf.

RIPL Effect 3

The beer pours a pretty golden brown with light hay tints.   The head is massive and lasting, sitting a creamy yellow-white color.  Lacing is thick and sticky leaving sheets and curtains along the sides of the glass.  The beer’s body is lager clean and translucent.  On the nose, the beer smells spicy with rye and a light touch of piney American hops.  On the tongue, the beer tastes spicy with rye and bitter grapefruit and a touch of smoke.  The beer begins with light grainy cereal malts before opening into spicy rye malts with a touch of citrus grapefruit and light lemon grass.   The finish gives hints of light woody smoke.  The aftertaste is big with the bitters and light with the spicy rye grains with light malty bread.  On the mouth, the beer feels clean and crisp.  The body is medium light on the tongue, leaving the mouth damp with saliva on the tongue and slick with slight spicy tingle.  Overall this is a terrifically almost-sessionable beer with wonderful flavors and tingling rye flavors.  The flavors are solid and the beer is terrific.  Jack’s Abby has done it again.

RIPL Effect 4


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