Weihenstephaner Vitus (Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan)

Style: Weizenbock

7.7% ABV

17 IBU’s

Calories: 260 kcal/0.5l

Original wort: 16.5% by weight

Vitus 1 copy

Brewer’s Note: “A light-coloured, spicy single-bock wheat beer, for both beer lovers and the beer connoisseur.  Extra long and cold storage in our monastery cellars makes this single-bock a really special beer with full body and a distinctively great mouthfeel.  Prost!”

Vitus 2

This bottle varies from other Weihenstephaner bottle leabels, and it does so beautifully.  The wise curly haired monk on the neck label is interesting, and the gilding and sigil work all around the main label are beautifully medieval and intricate.  This bottle is keeper all on its own.  The only complaint is that the label still doesn’t get rid of the ugly text on the sides of the front label, though this one does hide it a little better with gold lettering and a black background.  This bottle is worthy of the shelf with or without its Weihenstephaner brethren.

Vitus 3

The beer pours a hazy yellow, much like their hefeweizen with a massive white head with tightly packed creamy bubbles.  There is a slight rosy pink tint to the beer, similar to how the hefeweizen looked, which may come from the heavy haze which keeps the other side of the glass obscured from view.  Lacing is fat and fluffy, again reminding me of the hefeweizen.  Honestly, if I didn’t know better I’d say I was looking their hefeweizen right now, as it and this weizenbok look nearly identical.  The only difference to me is that the head is slightly more rocky, and not really as pretty as the hefeweizen’s was.  On the nose, this beer is heavy spicy banana, with more clove than in the hefeweizen, slight hints of bubblegum, and some nice light cream and mint notes.  The smell is quite sticky and heavy on the nostrils in contrast with all other Weihenstephaner beers I’ve sampled.

Vitus 5

The beer tastes wonderfully of banana bread, cloves, and slight bubble gum.  The banana flavors are more over ripe than in other wheat beers I’ve sampled.  The beer begins with light spicy clove and faint banana before opening into bready banana flavors with slight bubblegum/mint hints and a creamy banana smoothie note.  The aftertaste is light with banana.  On the mouth this beer feels chewy and creamy, of a medium to thick viscosity, with creamy carbonation on the tongue that really starts to remind me of a banana smoothie.  The mouth is left clean, save for a slight creamy ichor of sweet saliva.  Overall this is another terrific wheat beer from Weihenstephaner, similar to their hefeweizen but a bit thicker and heavier in the stomach.  A classic for sure!  Drink this beer.

Vitus 6

I tried pairing this beer with some light appetizers from my holiday party, starting with smoked salmon on a light cracker.  On its own the salmon was slightly smoky with some nice briny notes, while the cracker was slightly stale with some salty wheat notes.  Paired with the beer the banana notes subdue all smoke until it leaves the mouth, but really opens the palate up for the contrast between the sweet banana of the beer and the briny smoke of the salmon.  The beer, in fact, seems to bring more smoke and brine to the palate than the cracker than the appetizer does on its own.  An interesting pairing that is worth playing with.  I shall continue to experiment and let you all know what I think.

Vitus 7



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