Smuttynose Short Batch #18: Durty (Smuttynose Brewing Company)

Style: India Brown Ale or India Black Ale

8.4% ABV

55 IBU’s

Durty 1

Malts: North American 2-Row, Munich 10L, Chocolate, C-60, Brown

Hops: Bittering- Polaris, Flavor- Nugget, Dry Hop- Simcoe

Yeast: American Ale Yeast

Batch Size: 106 logs, 69 cases

Bottle 543 of 828

Brewer’s Notes: Get the story here.

Durty 2

My local beer shop, the wonderful Bogie’s Beer and Wine of Beverly, happened to be one of the of a very small list of bottle shops that got this beer, and though I had never heard of it, I decided to split some with my roommate.  In case you are wondering, an end of the world review will happen later today.

Durty 3

The bottle’s label is simple and neat.  It looks like dirty salmon colored water, and the font is funky and unclean.  I like the black little label with white text, though it reminds me of the label for Paramount Vantage, which in turn is literally just letters made with a label maker…  The label simple and nice, though, which works well with small batch brewing of this beer.  This bottle’s exclusivity adds to the appeal of the label, but in all it’s probably just worth showing off for a little while, and then retiring to a scrapbook.

Durty 4

The beer pours a surprisingly clean mahogany brown, with a nice finger width head that lasts awhile, and gives a sand-dune white color.  Lacing is long and medium in size, sticking nicely to the sides of my glass.  The beer sits in the glass rather dark, almost black, with nice carbonation moving through it.  On the nose, this beer smells like heaven.  Big fat juicy hops, mango, passion fruit, ruby red grapefruit, and a light caramel sitting below everything, and hinting at the malts in this beer.  This is a superb smell for anything with hops, though as it warms the alcohol becomes more present and spicy in the smell.  On the taste there is some big grapefruit and alcohol with light caramel and nuts dancing on the sides of the flavor.  The beer opens with bitter grapefruit which builds into spicy alcohol and grapefruit.  As it moves towards the finish, light roast, caramel, and very light nuttiness come through in the taste.  The aftertaste is bitter and pithy grapefruit with a light caramel tingle.  On the mouth, this beer feels light and fluffy, and slightly chewy, sitting at the upper end of a light body and lower end of medium, and leaving the mouth with a light sticky layer of bitters and caramel.  Overall, this beer is tasty.  I would love to knock back a six –pack of this on a late summer night or fall night.  The smell is definitely the most heavenly part of this beer, hinting far more at a double IPA, and actually reminding me of Wookey Jack by Firestone Walker.  This is a great beer that really shouldn’t be around for long (due to its small batch), but if you see it snatch it up.  Also, if Smuttynose is reading this review, please throw this in 6-packs and put it alongside Finest Kind at the grocery store so I can by sixers of it regularly.  Yes I realize its 8+% but, its tasty, and if you have to then lower the percentage, and still put it in a six-pack, thanks.  Drink this stuff.

Durty 5


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