Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Dunkel (Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan)

Style: Dunkelweizen

5.3% ABV

14 IBU’s

Calories: 220 kcal/0.5l

Original wort: 12.7% by weight

Dunkel 1

Brewer’s Note: “Soft, malty and full-bodied.  The well-balanced taste is our dark weiss beer’s great strength. Not only a good accompaniment to hearty meals.

Dunkel 2

This bottle’s label is, again, very similar to all the other Weihenstephaner labels, with a medieval sigil and a certain austere, monastic feeling to it.  This bottle rocks maroon highlights beside the white, blue, and gold of Weihenstephan.  The more I look at these Weihenstephan labels, the more I am irritated with the all of the cluttered boring texts on the very corners of the front label.  Such useless text can very easily be segregated to the back label, but for some reason this brewery decides to clutter their front label with block fonted statistics.  The storing temps and the fact that the beer was brewed to Purity Laws is neat, but could be given a more stylized font, or thrown on the back.  This bottle is worthy of storing on a shelf with a collection of other Weihenstephan bottles, but is not worthy on its own.

Dunkel 3

The beer pours a fiery dark orange, bordering on amber, with a massive, cream colored, two fingers-width head and medium sized, creamy bubbles.  The body of the beer is dark orange and hazy, with a proper Hefe-haze, and a light carbonation moving through the beer.  In the glass the beer is really quite lovely, and reminds me of corn syrup.  Lacing is thick and fluffy on the sides of the glass, leaving almost-full rings.  On the nose the beer smells richly creamy with banana and a good nip of clove spice.  The darker wheat malt seems to give the beer some caramelly hints, and the esters suggest plantains as well as bananas fried in brown sugar. There is even a faint citrus note coming from either the light hops or the yeast, and further adding to the complex smell.

Dunkel 4

The beer tastes of subdued banana, spicy clove, and sweet wheat grain.  It begins surprisingly light with hints of plantains, before opening into unripe banana flavors with spicy clove notes, and then folding into a thick wheat grain and spice flavoring that lasts in the mouth.  In the middle of the taste there is also an almost-pear flavor alongside the banana esters of the yeast, and there also rich caramel notes alongside the wheat grain in the aftertaste.  On the mouth, the beer feels creamy and smooth, with a medium body.  Carbonation is velvety, and the tongue is left sticky in the back with malty saliva, while the rest of the mouth feels quite dry.  Overall this is a lovely Dunkelweizen.  I feel that some of the rich banana esters from Weihenstephan’s Hefeweizen are lost here in the darker malts, which is too bad, but the addition of heavy wheat grain flavors is nice.  The smell is definitely more complex than the taste though.  This beer is a classic and definitely worthy of a taste, though I hold their Hefeweizen up as a better beer than this.

Dunkel 5


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