Jack Wagon (Earth Eagle Brewings)

Style: Imperial/Double IPA

8.1% ABV

Hops: Falconers Flight among others

Jack Wagon 1

Note: This review is of a 2-week old growler, which I have now realized is too old for some of the amazing hop flavors that this DIPA has.  If you try this beer, have it fresh! Don’t let it sit like I did.

The beer pours a deep candied orange with some brown hints.  The head is near nonexistent but a thin white ring does appear, and the body of the beer is very clear.  On the nose the beer is juicy with fruit hops, much like the New England Gangsta,’ Earth Eagle Brewings IPA.  Sweet passion fruit, mango, and tangerine are present.  Unfortunately, my growler is two weeks old at this point and the delicate fruity aromas have definitely died down since I had it on tap.  The fruit hops are still there, but the malt is coming through more strongly than before.  Sweet caramel, alcohol, and a slight hint of semisweet chocolate come through in the malts.


In taste, the beer has also dropped from the juicy fruit that it had on tap, which is to be expected with the volatile hop flavors.  The bitters remained as a nice shivering backbone and mouth-coater, but the sweet caramel, honey, and light notes of fruit remain from the hops, mostly mixed in with the longer lasting citrus grapefruits of the hops bitter flavors.  Light notes of stale bread, rice, and semisweet chocolate, and then a thick cloying alcohol are also present, unfortunately, and definitely show the booze in this beer.  In the mouth the bubbles are fierce, and the bitters are thick on the tongue.  The tongue is left dry, but sticky with bitter hop lingering.  Overall, this beer is a lot better fresh, obviously, but it is interesting to see it with a little age, if for no other reason than for experimenting.  I’m not completely disappointed with what it has become, as it gives some lovely grapefruit hop bitters, which were hidden by the fruity characteristics of the hops. The malts also come a little more forward with semisweet chocolate flavors, which are are quite pleasing.  I liked the fresh fruity hops from the on tap version of this, and so this two week old version is a little disappointing in the regards to fruity flavors, but provides some lovely malt character that is not overpowering.  This beer is completely worth a try from the brewery, and is really interesting after two weeks in the growler, though not quite as good.  My rating for this beer is for two weeks old, and is not the rating of it when most fresh.  As such, any reader should take that into account when considering this beer.  Drink it fresh like the growler says!

Jack Wagon 2



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