Love Potion #9

Style: Blush Gruit brewed with yohimbe bark and muira puama (two aphrodisiacs)

6% ABV

Love Potion 9 1

This beer is brewed with yohimbe bark and muira puama, which are two aphrodisiacs according to one of the brewers, Alex McDonald.  I decided to try out my new weizen glass with the gruit, to see if it might re-suspend some of the herbs within the beer.  It pours a dark hazy amber, bordering on dark caramel.  A head appears at a half finger’s width but fizzles away quickly. Lacing is splotchy and slippery, but is present.  This beer’s body is extremely murky, and reminds me of light syrup in a bottle.

Love Potion 9 2

The beer smells big with earthy, herbal must and a slight hint of mint at the backend of the smell.  Grass and sweet caramel are also present in the sides of the smell, but herbal, almost tea-like must is very present.  On the taste, the beer begins as sweet herbal sugar, moving slowly to a more herbal sweet syrup with hints of mint on the sides and a very light medicinal feeling.  The aftertaste is strong with biscuity earthy bread, similar to what William Wallace tasted like.  Sweet caramelly syrup also congeals in the mouth as you sip, alongside sweet, creamy honey, and the barest hint of chocolate.

muira puama
Muira Puama

The beer feels thin in body, but slowly congeals to a medium body as it washes through the mouth.  Slight prickles of effervescence and a slight minty tingle on the sides of the mouth, but the beer is mostly thin and a little watery, though that is by no means a bad thing, and actually helps boost the beer’s drinkability and offset a little of the sweet.

yohimbe root
Yohimbe Root

The mouth is left clean with some nice torrents of saliva on the sides of the mouth.  Overall, this is another superb gruit.  It hits the mouth sweeter than the other two gruits I’ve had from Earth Eagle, which is nice to see in a gruit.  The sweet is not cloying though, and place nicely into the herbal tastes of the gruit.  This beer is tremendously tasty, and worthy of attempting to pair with sweeter breads, and perhaps a bread pudding.  Am I feeling the aphrodisiac effects?  Well… Only time will tell.  This beer is deliciously sweet, drinkable, and definitely worthy of a try!

Love Potion 9 34.23/5


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