Exhilaration (Earth Eagle Brewings)

Style: American Gruit brewed with Sweet Gale, Yarrow and Wild Rosemary

5.6% ABV

For those wondering, Earth Eagle is what some Native Americans referred to the common wild turkey as.  In honor of turkey day and local breweries, I figured I might as well crack open another wonder gruit from Earth Eagle Brewings and give it a try.  For those wondering, the reason I have not done a bottle review for any of the Earth Eagle Brewings beers is because they all came in the same growlers (they don’t have a bottling line yet) and I plan to do a growler review on its own at some point.

The beer, Exhilaration, pours a beautiful light candied brown, bordering on orange and amber, with a great tightly packed white head that fizzles down to about a quarter of a finger’s width scrim.  The body of the beer is a murky haze, but it does seem to be mildly translucent.  Lacing is practically none existent, sliding down the glass in loose bubbles before I can really look at it. On the nose this beer smells terrifically earthy.  Moss, loam, and big whole grain bread smells fill the nose, with light lemon citrus and faint celery notes.  The rosemary can also be felt strongly in the background of the smell, producing a feel that is much akin to how mint hits the nose.  In the taste, this beer blows me away.  I honestly don’t have the spice knowledge to properly name all of the tastes I am getting, but I will take a stab at it anyway.  On the ‘normal’ beer side of the tongue there is really creamy yet crisp yeast and bread, almost like a sourdough biscuit or pizza dough.  There is also light lemon citrus adding to the crispness.  The beer begins as a sweet savory spice opening into bready citrus notes and then slowly working into the sourdough bread and yeast that sits in the mouth as a pleasant and lingering presence with slight notes of citrus.  The more I taste of it the more I note a light tartness with the yeasty flavor that is very strong in this beer, and it still reminds me of sourdough bread.  This beer tastes fantastic.  On the mouth, this beer feels perfect.  On the lighter end of medium bodied, which makes it very drinkable, it is crisp and smooth, with only the faintest ghost of a prickle from the carbonation.  The mouth is left slightly ichored in thick spittle that is begging for more, while the mouth feels refreshed and slightly dry.  Overall this beer is incredible.  It feels refreshing and exhilarating (hence the name) and is wonderfully complex and interesting on the tongue.  I think I’ll try pairing this at Thanksgiving dinner because this beer’s breadiness is begging to sop up other flavors.  This is the best gruit I have ever had, and honestly, it is one of the best beers I have ever had, and I don’t say that lightly.  I am so going back and buying another growler of this.  If you are in the New Hampshire area then get the hell over to Portsmouth and try this beer, it is delicious, fresh, cheap, and all around amazing.  I have found a new local brewery to drool over, and I am beyond happy.


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