New England Gangsta’ (Earth Eagle Brewings)

Style: American West Coast IPA

6.5% ABV

The beer pours a hazy murky marmalade color with a white fluffy head that fades onto the edges of the glass.  Lacing is not really noticeable, slipping off the side of the glass almost as quickly as the liquid.  As I said, the beers body is pretty murky and opaque with some carbonation bubbles, but nothing of the other side of the glass coming through.  On the nose this beer is heaven with the Citra hops pounding the nostrils with sweet juicy fruits.  Pineapple, mango, tangerine, slight pine all shine through, and a sweet caramel can also be found in the background showcasing the nice malts.  This smell is an A+ IPA smell. 

The beer tastes beautifully fruity with great pine bitters showing throughout in the beer.  It opens with sweet pine, opening into a plethora of fruits which race across the palate quickly and are forgotten.  Mango, pineapple, and tangerine all make appearances beside strong pine and a bitter back bite.  Slight biscuit and caramel are found as the malt body of this beer, but this beer is really all about the sweet succulent hops. The beer closes with an almost grapefruit flavor, which turns over into the aftertaste which is light with some of the sweet hops and biscuit malt, but is not very strong.  Mouthfeel is clean and crisp, lighter bodied with a little bit of a slight, slick astringent tug on the tongue.  Overall this is a phenomenal IPA, and definitely an up and comer for the Hop Head world.  Great balance of bitters and a wonderful display of the juicy hops, this beer shines with character.  This beer is a great drinker that I am going to crave in the summer months, and, honestly, all year long.  Try this beer.


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