Sticke Pilsner – Imperial Pilsner Beer Camp #43 (Sierra Nevada Brewing Company)

Style: American Pilsner

5.6% ABV

I would first like to say that I will follow up this post with my own research and thoughts on what qualifies a beer as Imperial, as I do not see this beer as falling into that category.


The beer pours the color of dehydrated piss and apple juice, yellow with faint hits of rose and brown.  The body is quite clear with a large quantity of bubbles racing up from the bottom of the glass.  The head pour fluffy white and rocky, with sloppy sticky lacing on the sides.  The beer smells light and hoppy, with light citrus and earthy notes playing with each other.  Hay-like malt and yeast are also present, but light.  The smell is clean and simple, but light with only the barest hint of biscuity flavoring.  The beer also tastes clean and simple.  It begins with sweet citrus lemon before moving into light syrup sweet malts and then finally closing with heavier hops in the middle and ends of the taste, hinting at earthy and grassy tastes with fainter notes of citrus.  Mouthfeel is properly thin, effervescent, and very clean, leaving a slight sticky dry-sweet feeling in the mouth and bitter lingering on the tongue from the hops.  The beer is also highly drinkable, and at 5.6% I am left wondering why the hell they chose to call this an imperial pilsner…  Overall this is an enjoyable sipper.  I could have a few of these over the course of a day or meal and very pleased with myself.  The hop character is a little strong for the style, and leads me to look at this as more of an American Pilsner or India Pale Lager than a German Pilsner, but it definitely is tasty and worthy of a try.  Yet another fantastic offering from Beer Camp.


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