Notch Polotmavý (Notch Brewing Company)

Style: Czech Amber Lager

4.4% ABV

Malt: Vienna

Hops: Saaz

Yeast: Lager


Another work of textual art from Notch, though it is pretty much the same as any other Notch bottle.  I don’t think I like the darker colors as much with the Notch style, but it is still perfectly laid out, and the fonts are all perfectly chosen.  This bottle is worth scrapbooking and worth shelving if you love text-based graphics.


The beer pours into my flute glass as a very light amber bordering on a bruised brown-gold with a fairly hazy but translucent and clean, if that makes sense.  The body that is reminding me of darker apple juice or cider.  The head is light quarter finger of soapy white bubbles that turns into a scrim towards the center of the glass.  The beer smells clean and malty, with a nice grainy biscuit reminiscent of light and buttered dinner rolls.  The Saaz hops are present as an earthy must that mingles with grass and the barest hint of citrus lemon while freshly rotting leaves power the fall feeling of this beer perfectly.  The beer tastes citrusier than the smell, though the earthy must is still the powerhouse in this flavor, giving a rotting leaves and grass flavor to the beer while light amber malts give a slight caramel biscuit backing to it.  The beer begins lightly biscuity and then open into a more buttery biscuit before swiftly being wrapped up in the earthy, grassy hops that provide slight astringencies to the tongue, and definitely have the feeling of late season cut grass.  Mouthfeel is superbly clean with a little bit of gelling notes from the malts.  Carbonation is nearly negligible, almost comparable to seltzer water.  The mouth is left clean with a slight wetness from the saliva at the back and sides of the tongue.  Overall I am impressed with this beer.  Its light sessionable body is lovely on the stomach, and its biscuity malts help to quell the grassier hop flavors that usually turn me off from pilsners and lighter Czech lagers.  A very interesting beer and another success for Notch.  Try this beer!



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