Red Poppy Ale (The Lost Abbey)

Style: Flanders Red Ale

5.5% ABV

Classy bottles make lovely shelf decorations, and this bottle is very classy.  I love the Celtic cross and the simplistic red poppy graphic.  The text for the beer name and brewery name is superb and a perfect meshing of classy and simplistic.  The text that describes the beer is a little boring, though, and does take away from the overall classy feel, but not enough to ruin this bottle.  Put this bottle on a shelf and look at it.


The beer pours a deep candied brown like root beer.  The head is large, tan and rocky, but it mellows down to a half fingers width with time, while lacing is droopy and thin.  The beers body is clear of sediment with light carbonation bubbles traveling up the sides of the glass.  The beer smells much mustier than I expected for the style.  Sour hints of cherry and fruit leather are present along with a caramel malt background.  Musty funk is definitely present though, and suggests a hint of church basements, and perhaps that of a lost abbey…


The beer tastes largely sour with definite notes of sour cherries, though they are weaker than I would hope for.  Caramel malts are present in the background as a faint hint, but the sour cherry funk is the dominant thing.  Yeast notes give a slight sour apple and slight barnyard and hay notes, as well as slight buttery notes in the middle of the taste, and the beer is nice to sip slowly.  The mouthfeel has strong under-pricklings, but overall the beer is smooth and creamy.  The tongue is left slick with saliva and a slight after taste of cherries and sour apples, the middle of the tongue is also dry but sticky.  The real star of the mouthfeel, however, is how the beer mellows its own effervescence out into a smooth velvety embrace on your tongue.   Overall this is another tasty Flanders red.  I didn’t like this as much as Oude Tart, but I think I liked it more than Rodenbach’s Grand Cru.  It’s worth a try for sour lovers, and I am very happy to sample a full bottle from The Lost Abbey, though their pricing on the East Coast is a far too much for my budget.  Thanks to the beautiful owner of this here blog for getting me this bottle.  Worth a try, but not worth continued sampling.



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