Foret (Brasserie Dupont spl)

Style: Organic Saison/farmhouse ale

7.5% ABV

Brewery Notes:

100% Organically grown hops and barley

Filtered Artesian Well Water

Bottled in 2011

The bottle is big and classy, and as always I love the cork and catch.  The label is well laid out with very little clutter from the text.  The design is like a classic drawing from a more modern monk’s manuscript.  I love the scroll with the beer’s name on it, though the spacing of the letters is a little large.  Overall this bottle is in the upper echelons of mediocrity.  Worth a space on an empty shelf or scrapbooking.


The beer pours a beautiful straw yellow with a little gold touching its edges.  The head pours big, smooth and frothy, and it lasts, leaving short sticky walls of fat lacing on the sides.  The beer smells big and funky, practically skunked, but very strongly of hay and barnyard funk.  Lemon bread sits nicely below the funk, giving it an almost biscuity scent.  The esters seem citrusy as well, but overall this smell is all about the barnyard funk.

On the taste, the beer is wonderfully simple in its complexity… if that makes sense.  The beer starts with a nice light fruit flavor that moves into the wonderful barnyard funk mixed with some light biscuit, before opening up into some lovely hay and citrus fruits with lemon, orange peel, and slight pineapple playing on the tongue with a nice light pepper.  Mouthfeel is fiercely prickly and effervescent, but that works with this beer and helps to prepare the tongue for the thick lasting ooze on the tip while the back of the throat dries out and begs for more.  Overall this is a fantastic example of a to-the-tee saison.  It has all the hall marks of the style from the citrus, to the pepper, to the distinguished barnyard funk.  This is worth a try for any saison lover out there, and for any beer lovers looking for a classic example of the saison.



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